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15+ Ideas For Healthy Travel

15 June, 2017

Enjoy your travels more by keeping your good habits firmly in place.

This isn’t about weight loss – this is about maintaining the healthy lifestyle you already have. Below is a list of health coaching tips to help you keep you on track of your wellness goals wherever you go.

Also included at the bottom of this post are some recipes you can put-together before you go – enjoy!

Staying Healthy Onboard Your Flight

What to take with you to feel light, hydrated and energized when you step off the plane:

  1. Your lunch box.
  2. Selection of healthy snacks (see below for inspiration).
  3. A small jar of coconut oil for hydrating, use this to wash your face during the flight, it’s hydrating, smells great and will leave you feeling super fresh.
  4. Small bottle of lavender oil, rub on your pulse point to help keep you calm and relaxed.
  5. Meditation app (or your favourite podcasts) and earphones, use your flight to practice mindfulness.
  6. Eye mask to help you get to sleep.
  7. Magnesium 400mg – to help you relax and get to sleep, this may also prevent post flight constipation (girls you know what I mean)
  8. Warm, cozy socks.
  9. Herbal tea bags, use to replace coffee and black tea to help keep hydrated. Simply ask cabin crew for a cup of hot water.
  10. Fresh lemon, orange slices or mint to make a healthy flavoured vitamin water or a Vitamin C tablet to help you avoid fizzy drinks.

What To Avoid When During Your Flight:

  1. Processed foods – especially crisps, white breads, pastas – you will be sitting down for hours there is no way you will burn this energy off, leading to feeling ‘heavy’.
  2. Alcohol – it dehydrating and makes you feel sluggish afterwards.
  3. Coffee – it’s dehydrating and is best avoided, save it for when you land.
  4. Watching film after film – this is mind numbing. Choose to get some sleep, read a book or watch a documentary.

You might be thinking this is a lot of effort, however it’s only going to feel like effort now because you haven’t done it before, once you’ve done it, you’ll never think twice about it again.

Healthy Snack Ideas

Make your own:


My travel lunch box, alway full to the brim! – Heidi 

Pre-packaged/made snacks:

  • Rice crackers with almond butter or tahini
  • Smith St Paleo balls
  • Dark chocolate
  • Raw seed crackers
  • Fresh fruit
  • Pop-corn

Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle On Holiday

Pre-holiday research can make a big difference, these are some tips to help maintain a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Research healthy cafes and restaurants to visit at your destinations – to keep it fun and interesting experiment with different types of cafes such as; vegan, raw foods, paleo, smoothie bars etc…
  2. Pack your trainers and workout gear.
  3. Self-catering – take you nutri-bullet!
  4. Pre-plan a few activities before arriving including; find running or hiking trails, coastal running routes, gym access or local Crossfit boxes, hiring a bikes.
  5. Sign up and compete in a local event such as marathon, road race, cycle, especially when visiting a new city – not only will you get to see the sights, have fun and win a medal, it helps you keep accountable to make healthy food and drink choices.


Without signing myself up to this race – I would never have seen this incredible view. I don’t run to win on holiday, I run for moments like this. – Heidi 

There really is no reason to use the summer get-away to fall back into old, unhealthy habits. Just like maintaining a healthy habit in your day-to-day life, it takes some preparation and the desire to make the change. Apply these principles when you are away and you will continue to feel great when you come back.

Whatever your intention is for getting away, keep your actions inline with it and enjoy yourself!

A health coach supports you in identifying and overcoming the obstacles that are holding you back to living your healthiest and happiest lifestyle. If you would like to know more about the health coaching program or in need of an accountability partner, get in touch by emailing heidi@heidijonescoaching.com


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