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3 Healthy-Eating Habits That Have Changed My Life

11 December, 2016

As an Integrative Health Coach, habits and rituals not only help me personally, but they are also one of the first things I look to establish or address for my clients.


The first eating habit to change my life was when I developed a new mindset towards the foods I chose to eat. I now do not worry about counting (or limiting) calories anymore, I now focus on counting nutrients. The more nutrients I can have on my plate per meal the better.


Learn how to make the perfect kale chips here: http://www.heidi.unitedagencydevelopment.co.uk/recipes/learn-how-to-make-the-perfect-kale-chips/


Following this, my second healthy eating-habit is not depriving myself at all. Unlearning what I already knew about food and prioritizing learning about the nutritional quality of the food I eat, has helped me form new ‘auto-pilot’ habits for go-to food choices, especially ‘treat’ meals. Now I would much rather have a raw cacao avocado pudding than a milk chocolate bar any day of the week.


Learn how to make a raw chocolate smoothie here: http://www.heidi.unitedagencydevelopment.co.uk/recipes/raw-chocolate-smoothie/


My third healthy-eating (well drinking habit really) is drinking two large glasses of water as soon as I wake up. It hydrates, makes me feel wide awake and starts the digestion system up for the day.

These 3 habits have literally changed my life for the better, forever.

Heidi Jones Integrative Health Coach

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