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3 Reasons Why Running within a Community is a Good Idea

7 April, 2016

The temperature is rising in Dubai and the sports event season is coming to a close but that shouldn’t mean you need to stop your running routine or hold off starting one.

For the past 3 years I have competed in running events during the summer months of July and August, requiring me to train during the lead up and as the temperature rises in Dubai from the start of April.

If I can do it, you can too.

This year my motivation to run in the lead up to summer is to prepare for my next ultra-trail run in July where I’ll be heading to Switzerland for the ‘Eiger Ultra Trail.’

Running Club will be moving to the Dubai Marina starting 9th April to June in collaboration with the new Dubai Mall Lulu Lemon Community.


3 Reasons Why Running within a Community is a Good Idea:

  1. Start Your Week as You Mean to Go On.

Once you start your day on a healthy track you are much more likely to continue to make healthy choices for the rest of the day. Saturday is a great day to get your meal prep done before the week starts and you will be much more motivated to do that after a morning run with a fun and healthy community of like-minded people.

  1. Feel A Sense of Achievement.

Running with friends is a great way to challenge your previous running efforts, you can always go that little bit further, or that little bit faster when you are surrounded by people who motivate and push you. Your effort will feel rewarded and leave you feeling on a high.

  1. Turn a New Habit into an Automatic Routine with the Support of a Community.

You run to improve yourself, whether your aim is to challenge, lose weight, get fit or prove to others that you can. Whatever it is, it will be something that requires you to create new habits or maintain the healthy ones you have put in place for yourself to succeed.

Joining a community will help you keep those habits. Charles Duhigg, author of ‘The Power Of Habit’ suggests that,

“your odds of success go up dramatically when you commit to changing as part of a group.”

Find out how to join below.


How to join:

Step 1: Like the post on FB here

Step 2: Post that you will be attending and share with me and your friends (make yourself accountable)

Step 3: Prepare your running outfit and water bottle

Step 4: Arrive from 8am at the Lulu Lemon Store in Dubai Marina ready to run for 8:30am

Share why you want to keep running through the heat by sending me a Snapchat and I’ll (and the support of the community) do my best to help to achieve it.


See you there!

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