Healthy lifestyle & high-flying career: 30 Day Challenge

Join me for my 30 Day Challenge & learn how to keep good habits, stop the negative self-talk, be accountable & stay motivated!


Calling ALL ambitious ladies!

Let’s start seeing REAL results with your healthy lifestyle goals. Join me for my 30 Day Challenge and learn pracitcal self-care habits, stop the negative self-talk and stay motivated!

Each day for 30 days you will be taught the steps on how to stop your day-to-day struggle of trying to balance a healthy lifestyle and a high flying career.

Drink coffee, don’t drink coffee. Workout everyday…but don’t over do it. Drink celery juice but not orange juice. Lift weights…do yoga. Meal prep, cook at home, eat mindfully…but still go to bed early. Get outside for fresh air…meditate in your office chair?! 

Sound familiar? It feels easier to delve into work (because you’re really good at it) than figure out which healthy choices are best and how to fit them into your already packed schedule. 

Luckily I’m not here to tell you to swap the coffee for a celery juice (yes, I’m health coach that hates celery juice!)

  • I’ve discovered what it takes to really see progress sooner AND create habits you can stick to.
  • I’ve found what it takes to see quick results with your healthy lifestyle goals AND have long-lasting results, without the trendy health fads.
  • I’ve figured out what it takes to keep motivated even when the pressure is on at work.
  • AND how to make decisions without self-doubt or guilt.

What if… 

  • you effortlessly skipped the 5th coffee of the day because you just didn’t need it? 
  • you looked forward to your workout each day?
  • you could order delivery guilt-free because it makes your work/life balance manageable? 
  • you could have a glass of wine to wind down but not have the hangover the next day?
  • you fell into bed content with you achieved both at work and after?

I’ve run myself into the ground and looked around me for ways to feel better. Having worked in a high pressure environment, I understand how easy it is to keep repeating the cycle, on Sunday ‘I’m going to do more things for ‘me’ this week’ and by the end of the week all of the things I wanted to do are still at unticked on the bottom of my to-do list!

Which is exactly why I created this challenge, to share my practical steps for setting up a better (and healthier) balance between work and life and to help you not feel an ounce of guilt or stress when you make time to take care of yourself.

Imagine if…

  • You found the time for the things that matter most in your life.
  • You knew exactly what to do when you felt stressed and overwhelmed.
  • You had the resouces you need to feel in control of both your work and a healthy lifestyle.

I don’t believe in quick fixes, but I do believe EVERYONE can feel better within a month.

Each day for 30 days you’ll receive:
  • A daily coaching video from me sent directly to your inbox.
  • A new challenge for you to do each day.
  • Self-care tip of the day.
Bonus material:
  • Once a week during the 30 days you will receive written personal coaching support by completing a weekly self-reflection exercise.
  • Coaching worksheets for you to download via Google Drive.
  • You can opt in to the support group to chat with others signed up to the 30 day challenge.
  • Weekly live Q&A session.
This is for you if . . .
  • You’re ready to commit to making time for yourself
  • You need some practical steps you can do during a busy day
  • You need coaching support to stick with it for 30 days
  • You’re ready to try something new

Enrollment is OPEN for 2020!

30 Day Challenge enrollment price: 695AED.


Attendee Testimonials

Maria Petrova Business owner and mother of two.

"I decided to enrol on the 30 Day Challenge because I find it difficult to keep the balance between work and family life when you are self-employed and responsible for 12 people. There are many days when I feel angry, tired and stressed which, of course, influences my family life. The thing that surprised me the most during the challenge was probably how much my life depended on my mindset and mood-things I could control with little effort. The biggest change in my lifestyle is that there is much less rush now, with the same results. That is to say I don’t run like a headless chicken anymore, but I still manage to get things done The results I have seen over the 30 days include; taking time to plan my day; I choose one or two things that must be done and don’t stress about less important items in my diary. I stopped eating fast food. I spend much less time staring at my phone. I eat less sugar I feel happier and calmer, more positive about myself and what I do. I praise myself more often whereas I used to beat myself up for every little mistake and failure. If you are thinking of joining this programme don’t think twice, go ahead and do it! "

Lama Kazan @healthywise_withlama

"Thanks for being there and so supportive throughout the program. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning about how coaching will help me because I felt I should be able to know what to do and to take the needed steps, especially that I am a coach myself! After a few assignments I realized that even if we sometimes know what we want we need to prioritize and make "us" time so we can materialize the ideas and be able to start with baby steps. The program has definitely created a sense of accountability and focus that I didn't have before. The support group was great sharing ideas and encouraging each other while being honest. I was able to take my first step towards posting an insta post and to be more confident about what I know and what I can share. I think this programme is truly for everyone who wants to take a hard or gusty step in life, even if you're a coach you need one to make you face what you're afraid of. Thank you Heidi for the continued support. "

Danielle Haggar Pilates Instructor

"This 30 day challenge was just the right thing for me at this time of my life. The amount of work required to do was just perfect and the google docs and videos really helped guide me. What was very motivational was the fact that we were part of a support group of like-minded people to share ideas and get some feedback! Heidi was always there answering messages and checking in on a regular basis. I will recommend this challenge to everyone! "

Amanda Dubai

"The most significant overall change I have noticed has been transitioning from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. This is amazing because it is not only applicable to a specific topic or situation but it’s an overall change of perspective and outlook. That is the most precious tool I developed while working with Heidi and it’s making a big change in my everyday life."

Jessica UK

"Learning more about myself has enabled me to realise what I'm really passionate about; what my strengths are; and identify areas where I need to put more energy into, to get better at in order to achieve my goals. For example, one of my blind spots is working at 150 mph all day, every day with no time to chill and reflect. Recognising this and then working on techniques that slow my day down such as reflecting, journaling and meditating has enabled me to manage stress & anxiety better."

Healthy lifestyle & high-flying career: 30 Day Challenge

Join me for my 30 Day Challenge & learn how to keep good habits, stop the negative self-talk, be accountable & stay motivated!