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5 Tools For Accountability

3 July, 2017

Are you finding the summer months a bit of a distraction from your new healthy lifestyle and goals? Perhaps you’re turning up to the gym and buying the healthy foods but making excuses for not seeing results? “It’s too hot”, “I’m still in holiday mode”, “too much travelling” for example and starting to feel guilty or fed-up with yourself?

Maybe it’s time for a boost of accountability!

Accountability refers to the actions you take on a day-to-day basis. In theory, if you’re invested, want to change and have an action plan you should be on-track to reach your goal or new healthy lifestyle. But, in reality, just because you have the desire to change doesn’t mean you actually will.

No one can really hold you accountable, you have to have the will to do the actions. So if you do have the will but are finding yourself off-track, refer to my top 5 accountability tools to get back on track:

1. Alarms and reminders

Creating daily or even hourly reminders for yourself of what you’ve set out to accomplish can really help you stay on track. It can be as easy as setting alarms on your iPhone (see below), sticking post-it notes to your laptop or using an urgent v’s important list instead of your usual ‘to-do’ list.

2. Support groups

A great way to stay accountable is to surround yourself with people who have a similar goal or lifestyle to you. Having a supportive group of people that are committed to the same outcome, can really help you stay true to your word.

“My fellow group members supported me by listening, encouraging, offering solutions and making me feel part of something.” – Rhian

“My biggest change I have noticed since joining my group is my commitment to the program.” – Jill

“3 benefits of choosing group coaching over 1-1 coaching is to hear the others stories, you are not alone with your thoughts and you learn from others.” – Sara

3. Tracking charts

Keeping a regular track of your actions helps map out your progress on the changes you want to implement into your life. Being able to see them and see the progress you have made can be both inspiring and eye-opening!

An accountability chart can be simple to put together – list the days of the week or month along one axis and on the other axis list one or two of the actions you are implementing on a regular basis. Each day you achieve the action, put a tick in the box for the corresponding day. Over time, you can look over the chart and check-in with your progress.

4. Reflection journals

Journals are a great space for recommitting to your goal and healthy lifestyle. By reflecting on your progress on a daily or weekly basis you are clearly able to identify the actions  you have made which are in line with your mission and the actions which are not. To get started answer these two powerful questions each day:

Q1. What did I do well today to work towards my goal?

Q2. What can I do better tomorrow to work towards my goal?


5. Monetary incentive programs

Putting your money on the line can be super motivating, the investment can make it much more likely to commit to the changes needed to be able to ‘get your money’s worth’. Examples include; paying upfront for a 6-month health coaching program, a month’s gym membership or even an event such as a 5k run can really boost accountability and motivation to commit to your actions.

If you really are feeling stuck, check-in with yourself and make sure you are first willing and prepared to do the work to get what you want. Being internally committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals or new healthy lifestyle is essential for you to keep accountable for your actions.

As a health coach I cannot force anyone to do anything, what I do is offer a more effective approach. When my tribe are stuck and not doing the work, instead of focusing on how to boost accountability I focus on the why. I help them understand what’s going on beneath the surface to release what’s been holding them back. If you would like to learn more about how I can help you get un-stuck please email heidi@heidijonescoaching.com to request your health coaching questionnaire.

A health coach supports you in identifying and overcoming the obstacles that are holding you back to living your healthiest and happiest lifestyle.

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