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5 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself Today

17 May, 2020

Finding yourself stuck in a pattern of self-sabotaging behaviours stopping you living the life you want? Self-compassion could be the missing piece of your puzzle. Life is so much easier when you are kinder to yourself. 

Practicing self-compassion on a daily basis will help you achieve more, feel more positive, take more first steps, build your resilience and learn more about what you’re truly capable of (which will be more than you could ever imagine!).

Here are 5 ways you can practice self-compassion today: 

  1. Self-compassion affirmation. Start your day repeating an affirmation to yourself in the mirror. It may feel strange at first, you might not believe it, but by consistently doing this you will start to feel it’s value. 

Here are 5 example, choose 1 and start today:

  1. I accept the best and worst aspects of who I am.
  2. Changing is never simple but it’s easier if I stop being hard on myself.
  3. My mistakes just show that I’m growing and learning.
  4. It’s okay to make mistakes and forgive myself.
  5. I am free to let go of others’ judgments.

2. Self-reflection. Keep a self-compassion journal, each evening list the things you did well today. Focus on what went well at work and in your personal life. It could be something simple such as ‘I completed my project to deadline’ or ‘I went for a walk in nature’. 

3. STOP the negative self-talk. Beating yourself up on a daily basis takes its toll on our self-esteem and confidence. When you hear the internal negative chatter, say “STOP STOP” followed by a positive comment or refer to your daily affirmation, this will help teach you to be kinder to yourself. 

4. Admire others. It’s easy to want what others have, comparing yourself is like discarding everything you’ve got going for you at this moment. Instead of comparison choose admiration, this is a much healthier approach.

5. Let go of your past. Replace any limiting beliefs that just aren’t serving you anymore and rework them into self-supporting goals. 

Instead of beating yourself up every time something doesn’t go plan today, or you fall off track of your goals, CHOOSE SELF-COMPASSION. If you can’t talk to yourself in this way, imagine the voice of someone else, perhaps your best friend or your coaches, “You are going to be ok, no-one is perfect, you did the best you could.” YOU CAN DO THIS. 

If you feel constantly stuck in this pattern of self-sabotage please reach out to Heidi, it’s her job to help you overcome what’s holding you back from living the life you deserve. Get in touch via Instagram @heidi_jones_coaching or visit her website and download her free guide on how to not let your perfectionism hold you back heidijonescoaching.com 

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