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7 Days On A Cleanse: The Feedback

25 November, 2015

Why cleanse?
Simply put, it supports the detoxification of toxins that have built up in the body.

It is not a quick fix solution to lose weight, it’s about dedicating some time to take care of your body and revitalise.

I look forward to my end of year cleanse, for me, it helps me slow down in the lead up to the New Year rather than speed up. Do you ever feel that one day during November you’re thinking, ooo not long till Christmas need to get organised and then within a blink it is Christmas?! This is how it used to be for me for years, which ultimately, every year resulting in a burn-out by the 31 December and feeling super rough on the 1st! The crazy part of it, is that I thought this was normal. Now I’ve learnt how to listen to my body, I choose to do things that suit how I want to feel over the holidays, rather than follow social conformity, pressures and expectations.

During a cleanse I always make a conscious effort to slow down during the week. I take time out for myself. I sleep more, write, read, bathe, basically, all the things I keep meaning to get around to doing, but life just seems to get in the way. By spending time doing these simple pleasures, it helps me cleanse my mind as well. We’re all taught how to look after our bodies and the majority of us spend hours doing so, we’re not ever taught how to look after our minds which I think is so important for a healthy balanced lifestyle.
Slowing down provides me the space to let go of negative self-talk and beliefs about myself that creep in from time-to-time and instead spend time appreciating the positive, funny and incredible things I’ve seen, heard or experienced from the previous year, helping me to open up my mind to what is to come.

How do I cleanse?
I spend 7 days without sugar, caffeine, gluten and dairy. For the first 5 days I eat plenty of nutrient dense foods to support my digestive system, and repopulate good bacteria and starve any bad bacteria build up. On day 6 and 7 I juice, this supports my liver to flush out any toxin build up.
Like previously mentioned it isn’t all about the food, it’s about the ritual of the week, slowing down, supplement support, body brushing and mindfulness are all just as important as the diet.

My 7 DAYS ON A CLEANSE: THE FEEDBACK is for anyone who hasn’t taking the jump into cleansing yet, to help you get an insight to what it is like and to how you might feel during the process. These entries are genuine with a focus on how my body and mind is reacting to the cleanse, and written on each day of my cleanse, hopefully by reading this you will want to do one too!

Day 1

I didn’t miss coffee as much as I thought I would this morning, but I did drink 4 cups of herbal tea before lunch! I only drink one coffee a day so it really surprises me how much I notice the difference for not having it. I had that feeling like I had forgot some thing, or left the iron on, it was constantly on mind.

Lunch was really filling but I did have a massive crash at around 2pm and I managed to fit in a 20 minute nap, it made me feel so much better and helped with the withdrawal. This crash really showed me how much natural energy I have – well in my case, do not have at the moment.

However I totally perked up after my green juice late afternoon and did an hours cross-fit workout.

Dinner was delicious but I had to eat it later than planned – 7:30pm, a little late for a cleanse.

Took a rest break tonight and went to bed for 9pm.

Daily reflection: Feeling positive that I’m not really hungry, having food prepared in advance has helped a lot to resist temptations and convenience foods.

Day 2

Felt good this morning and didn’t crave coffee again, I actually enjoyed my Pukka cleansing tea before work.

I did feel a lot more calm this morning, I’m thinking this must be because of balanced cortisol levels.

I was pretty hungry at 9am, even though I had my breakfast smoothie. I enjoyed my AM snack which kept me full till lunch without any cravings. I had another nap this afternoon to get over another crash, I’m so surprised how easily I can go to sleep, especially in the day.

By 4pm I was feeling a little cranky, really wanted to eat some more food and had a slight headache, but managed my green juice and hit the gym, which totally revitalised me.

Daily reflection: Really enjoying feeling more relaxed in myself.

Day 3

Still feeling the side effects of cravings, especially this afternoon, but this time it’s for food as I am more hungry than the previous two days. Having a strict food plan is not for me, I just eat what I feel like on the day, appreciating this in my life.

Constipation is a withdrawal system to quitting sugar – I am not have that problem, quite the opposite!

Feeling pretty hungry this afternoon however my daily green juice filled me up. Went for a run and but couldn’t go as far as I would have liked as I started to feel hungry again.

Daily reflection: Really starting to notice small bad habits that have crept into my life over the past 6 months and how much I turn to convenience when I don’t really need to as much as I think I do, I’m managing fine this week I seem to have plenty of time for preparing my meals.

Day 4

Not missing coffee at all today, and I feel so much calmer in myself. I was pretty hungry this morning again so made a matcha tea for extra calories, which did the job.

I had an important speaking event today and being able to feel how my body was really reacting to nerves was really insightful. I noticed that when I get slightly anxious I usually blame it on the coffee I had, I couldn’t do that today and had to face the fact I was actually feeling pretty nervous for my presentation. I had a little tummy churn, slightly dry throat and trembling bottom lip, but it subsided really quickly and I was able to speak really confidently and most importantly clearly and calmly, this made me feel really good.

Daily reflection: Life is feeling slower – which I love!

Day 5

Really enjoying the cleanse and feeling absolutely great, I’ve woke up feeling super clear headed today and much more positive.

I thought I would be a lot more tired, especially as I was so tired at the start of the week but I feel the complete opposite. I actually went for an extra cross-fit class as I was so full of energy.

Daily reflection: I’m ready and looking forward to starting the juice detox tomorrow!

Day 6

Felt great when I woke up to sunrise, so decided to go for a run along the beach pre-juice.

I was surprised to find that I had enough energy to run 14k, I thought I would be running low this week but its not the case – my body is surprising me so much this week.

Only having juice throughout the day has been surprisingly easy, kept myself busy by reading, trip to the mall and watching a film. The juices are really filling and I have been left feeling satisfied, honestly I didn’t think I would as I love to eat, but I really have.

Daily reflection: Feeling much lighter and leaner – my goal isn’t weight loss but I was feeling slightly bloated and it seems to be settling down.

Day 7

Felt really fresh this morning, so much so I went out for a short jog around the lake pre-juice.

I’m enjoying my juice for breakfast, I’m so surprised how full I am afterwards. I realised that I enjoy my breakfast routine more than the food itself. Weekend breakfasts have become the alternative to date night for me and my husband, it’s a chance to sit down and relax together, usually over a coffee and some eggs, I’m not sure a juice would quite cut it for this but I’m considering adding juices for breakfast during the week.

By 4pm I was low on energy, I filled myself up with a couple of herbal teas, which kept me going for a while. I’m pleased I’m not craving anything, just hungry, to help with this I tucked up for an early night.

Daily reflection: Will I have a coffee tomorrow? 

Day 8


Pics of a cleanse1

notes of a cleanse2

I recommend cleansing to anyone who…

  • drinks more than 1 cup of coffee a day
  • feels sluggish or bloated
  • needs a lifestyle reboot
  • can’t go a day without sugar


If this has inspired you to take on the challenge of a cleanse I would love to support you along the way. I have a 7 day plan and can provide day-to-day support and encouragement for the entire 7 days. Your body and mind will thank you for it, I promise. 

Email heidi@heidijonescoaching.com and let me know about your current health situation.


For each of the first 5 days I included a raw food salad.
When you fill your plate with a rainbow of vegetables you can ensure that you are supplying your body with plenty of essential vitamins, minerals and fiber essential for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

My Rainbow Salad

rainbow salad

2 cups of green leaves, I chose a watercress for this salad
Large tablespoon of fermented sauerkraut
½ carrot sliced
½ baked sweet potato
Thinly sliced red cabbage
3 cherry tomatoes
¼ sliced yellow bell pepper
Salad dressing
1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil, 1 tsp of lemon juice, seasoned with Himalayan Rock salt.

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