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7 Ways To Conquer Your Fear Of Going To The Gym

30 September, 2015

Recently I have been attending a new gym as I needed a new challenge, something to look forward to and to be around people who inspire me to be a better person and this place certainly does that.

Heavier weights, unlimited burpee’s, running outside in the Dubai summer heat, cover model instructors everywhere you look, metal bars, rings, ropes and every workout includes an acronym that everyone understands but me! But I love it. However go back a year or two ago it would have been a completely different story.

Now this is how I get myself to the gym, but it’s not always been this way. I had a phase in my life where I would cry in the car, I hated myself for not being able to see progress, I would hate looking at fitness photo’s of friends, as it made me feel bad about myself – that I was not good enough to do what they were doing and the days where I did make it through the door I spent it in the changing room sauna as I couldn’t face it, but would use the excuse that ‘I was too tired’.

I had the fear and that fear came from a bad case of low self-confidence.

Sometimes this feeling creeps back in, but now I have the toolset to help me break through it and not let it effect my training or the lifestyle I have created for myself.

Don’t let past fears stop you living the life you want to live now.

How do I know my self-confidence needs some TLC? I can identify the signs of low self esteem…

  • I start to make excuses, ‘I don’t have time…’ ‘I haven’t got anything to wear…’ ‘I’m too tired…’
  • I start to ‘feel’ fat, body image has always been something I have to work on
  • I comfort eat by snacking

Stress was the cause of my low self-confidence, this is what led me to fear doing what I loved.

Why? I was scared of failing, the feeling of not being able to do it. It was what I felt like everyday at work and these feelings and emotions seeped into all aspects of life that in the past have made me feel out of my comfort zone. The gym used to be one of those places and training was one of the areas that was affected the most.

I didn’t realize how much my confidence was knocked due to the stress I was going through at work. I didn’t see the link between my emotions.

Facing my fear head on

Now I know that my fear comes from my own self-confidence I know that it is only me who can change how I feel.

Confidence comes from within.

I turn my feelings of fear into excitement

Basically fear is an emotion. It is there to protect us from danger, it’s a reaction to a situation, the flight & fight response, your body cannot tell the difference between the level of danger you are in, the same with fear.

Feelings of fear: churning in your tummy, dry throat, increased heart rate

Feelings of excitement: churning in your tummy, dry throat, increased heart rate

7 ways to make it easier to get yourself to the gym

These actions will help improve your self-confidence

  1. Sign up to a class and be fully present. Focus on what you are doing and how your body is reacting only. Switch off your mind to whatever else is going on and focus on what you are doing.
  1. Find an environment that you like, not all gyms, classes, studio or even instructors are the same, if you don’t like the vibe of your current environment try shopping around. Dubai offers so many gym membership offers and the majority offer free classes for you to get a ‘feel’ for their gym before you sign up for membership.
  1. Wear something that makes you feel good. This is difficult if you are suffering low self-esteem but pick out your favourite workout gear or even treat yourself to something new.
  1. Get to know the people you are working out with, say hi, smile, acknowledge others and they will do the same. You never know, you might end up meeting some pretty like-minded awesome people along the way.
  1. If you get stuck or need some advice, ask someone for help, the majority of people in this world are willing to help others.
  1. Take small steps – if 5 minutes on the treadmill is all you can face to start with, then do it, it’s 5 minutes that you couldn’t do yesterday.
  1. Use positive affirmations, say to yourself, I CAN DO IT, switch fear on its head and use it those feelings as excitement and give it 100%.

If you still can’t face the gym then maybe it just isn’t for you or maybe its your intuition or body is trying to tell something?

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