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7 Ways To Cultivate Positivity To Increase Productivity During Lockdown

19 May, 2020

Living through a pandemic can trigger all sorts of negative thoughts and emotions. The reality of what’s happening can get overwhelming and falling into a spiral of negativity tremendously affects how you live your life. In challenging times when things feel out of control the best place to start is with you. You have control in cultivating a positive mindset, use the tips below to help you manage self-isolation during this strange and unexpected time. 

1. Move your body in ways your enjoy 

When you find exercise that works for you at home you’ll reap the benefits; including increased energy, improved mental clarity and an enhanced mood. Exercise produces the feel good hormone serotonin which has an uplifting effect on your body, mind and emotional self. Listen to your body, once you understand how different types of movement nourish your body in different ways, you can create a menu of activities to do at home to keep yourself in balance during self-isolation. 

2. Stop resisting change

It’s time to come to terms with the facts; self-isolation, working from home and social distancing is here indefinitely. Stop waiting for it to end to live your life fully again. Accepting what is going on and focusing on what you can control will help you experience more positivity during this time. 

3. Stop the negative self-talk 

Beating yourself up on a daily basis takes its toll, whether you’re feeling guilty for not being as focused and productive as usual, you’ve eaten chocolate for comfort or skipped a workout…whatever triggers you’re inner critic say “cancel cancel” followed by a positive comment or affirmation, this will help teach yourself to speak positively. 

4. Start a self-care ritual of gratitude 

Even when you think everything is out of control or you don’t have it all, use a practice of gratitude to focus on what you have today. Keep a gratitude journal and each day write down 5 specific thoughts you’re grateful for. 

5. Use the internet to surround yourself with life minded, uplifting people

People who are living inline with the same values as you will keep you grounded, inspired and focused on what’s important. Create a Youtube list of inspiring video’s to watch, join online workshops and courses on topics you love, only follow people on social media that make you feel good about yourself, arrange virtual coffee dates with friends that lift you up and make you laugh. 

6. Doing good for someone else

Focus your energy on lifting up someone else and notice how your energy elevates as well. Could you order a food delivery to an elderly family member? Send a bumper pack of kids activities to a friend that is juggling work and home schooling? Set up a virtual quiz night with your friends that live on their own? Perhaps it’s helping others around you cultivate positivity. 

7. Have something to look forward to each day 

It’s ok to enjoy yourself, make space in your day to do something that helps you take a break from work. When we get in creative flow we experience more positivity in our lives. Is there a hobby you can do from home? learn a new skill? Watch your favourite comedy series, have a virtual dance party? 

And let’s not forget to prioritise the basics: eat well, drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep. By doing this you’ll feel better in the short term and you’ll be taking preventative steps for your future health too.

We can’t always control what happens in our life, but we can control how we respond to things. Cultivating positivity isn’t just about enjoying the good times; it’s also about finding hope and the silver lining during the more challenging times too.

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