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7 Ways To Increase Your Confidence

24 November, 2017

Feeling like you need a confidence boost? Use these 7 ways to help bring it back! We all go through stages of our life where we lose some confidence and just don’t feel our best. If you recognise it and accept that it’s OK, you are in a place to take responsibility and start taking action to build it back up again.

Confidence makes us feel good and when we feel good we put our best self at the world. (and who doesn’t want to be the best version of themselves?!)

Start by choosing 1-3 of the confidence boosting ways below. Choose ways that spark excitement in you at the thought of doing it. Commit to the actions on a consistent basis for a month and check in with how you feel. The key to success is being pro-active, consistent and committed to making a change.


  1. Use your strengths on a daily basis in a pro-active way

Identify your number 1 strength and pro-actively use it to tackle something you are lacking in confidence doing. For example; a top strength of mine is ‘learning’, I love to learn and love the process of learning even more. To help me build confidence in developing my business I take on each business development task/ project/ necessity as an opportunity to use my strength in learning. How I learn best is by ‘doing’, not studying, so I focus on learning while doing the task itself. I create objectives and a success criteria and focus on learning instead of the ‘actual’ task that I lack the confidence in meaning, I feel more confident from the start and put best self into the process.

If you want to learn more about using strengths or to help to identify your strengths take the Gallup strengths finder assessment here: https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com


  1. Surround yourself with people who lift you up

Spend time with people who lift you up. If you don’t know any, or need to find more like-minded positive people go and join a group, preferably a coaching group. Coaching groups are a fantastic way to develop self-confidence and the accountability to be your best. By being part of a group you are open to learning from others stories, challenges and successes as well as sharing your own. Having the space to be heard and to actually take the time to consciously listen to others in confidence (without being judged or talked over) you feel empowered, motivated and excited to putting your best self out to the world.


  1. Set yourself a goal that will take you outside your comfort zone

Self-confidence (and self-belief) thrives when you get outside your comfort zone. Choose a goal that excites you and gives you the opportunity to find out something new about yourself – this could be physically, mentally or emotionally. To enhance the experience and to develop more confidence, create an action-plan with key milestones to accomplish. Once you accomplish these milestones celebrate your mini-success.


  1. Gain clarity on what you want your life to look like

A great way to do this is to imagine what you want you life to look like in 10 years time and write it down. Be as specific as you can and list what you want from intrinsic and extrinsic perspectives. By having  clarity on what you want you will be much more confident in your actions to make this vision become your reality.


  1. Learn a new skill

Focusing your energy into learning something new helps you replace negative, less confident feelings and emotions. Spending time on a course or series of classes is a great way to meet new people, inspire new ideas, tap into your creative side and live a more purposeful life. Resulting in a happier more confident you.


  1. Reflection

Learning to recognise what you achieve on a consistent regular basis is a simple but powerful tool for increasing your confidence. Start by writing down what went well in your day each evening, followed by what is one thing I can do better tomorrow. The key for success is following up with actions for being better the next day and then recognising and accepting your daily ‘wins’ on a consistent basis.


  1. Do good for someone else

When you do something good for someone else from a place of love, you can’t help but to feel better about yourself. It’s a win win situation! Choosing to give up your time to genuinely help someone else in the best way you can, will help increase your energy and mood (the ‘feel good factor’) and when we feel good we worry less about the small stuff and feel more confident to take on even more.

If you want to increase your confidence you can, we can all create positive change in our lives if we are willing to put the energy into it, try something new or bring something back that worked before. Confidence isn’t all about being the loudest or standing on stage in front of a large crowd, it’s about how you feel about yourself. When we feel confident in mind, body and our emotions we’re able to be our best selves.



Heidi Jones is the catalyst of success in others. She enables people to become the best version of themselves through creating a community of inspiring individuals who collaboratively go above and beyond the ordinary to achieve longer – lasting, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities for joining one of Heidi Jones Coaching groups as one of your ways for building up your confidence please email Heidi directly at heidi@heidijonescoaching.com


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