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A Secret To Productivity

29 July, 2017

Who doesn’t love that feeling of having a productive day?! Productivity makes us feel happier, improves our self-esteem and helps us keep motivated with achieving our goals and vision.

However, we have those days where we just seem to achieve, well, nothing! We set out with great intentions but for some reason find ourselves doing all the things that were not originally planned and the day has been totally taken off-course (too many coffee’s? lost 2 hours to online shopping? Eating a piece of cake at the office?). Leading us to get home feeling frustrated and deflated – with ourselves.

Well, one secret to help you keep productivity high (and to keep your productivity buzz on high) is to make sure your surroundings are working for you.

To get started, identify and create a list of the places you spend most of your time, the people you spend most of your time with and the things you use on a regular basis.

Next check with a tick if what you have listed supports your productivity and a cross if it doesn’t, it leads you off-task or does not do you any favours in the long-term.

Once you’ve created your list reflect and write down why these places, people and things support and do not support your productivity.

Now to get productive – write down the shifts you can start to make to support your productivity and additional shifts you can make to enhance your productivity even more, think of it this way, what else can you be doing to take your productivity to the next level?

If you want to maintain your productivity or even take it up a notch only you can make it happen. This approach is tried and tested and proven to work. Remember small shifts can have a big impact, try not to stay static and try new things to find out what works best you.

Point to consider; not everyone in your life is going to want (or know how to) to support you in achieving your new lifestyle or goal – be prepared to face some adversity, however using this approach means you can keep these people in your life, just make the shifts needed for you to maintain your relationships in a way that doesn’t hinder your process or hard-work. Be kind and remember everyone is at a different stage of life and that’s ok!

It’s your responsibility to create an environment that works best for you to achieve your goals and live out your vision, small shifts can have a big impact, try not to stay static, try new things and see what supports you best.

As a health coach I can support you in creating your ideal environment to live out your healthiest and happiest self.

If you would like to know more about the health coaching program please get in touch by emailing heidi@heidijonescoaching.com

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