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Can’t seem to start ANYTHING? You need to read this

21 September, 2022

Ahhh we’ve all been there, so many ideas in our head and none of them come to fruition! 

Instead we keep busy with work and the kids, get distracted by finances and day-to-day living, resulting in us putting those health & fitness goals, exciting business ideas, and big dreams on hold – we literally hold ourselves back and watch the weeks, months and years fly by along with the belief, confidence, excitement and drive we started with!

What a sad reality it is that so many women are holding back sharing their talents, skills, and strengths from the world! 

We all know that it’s easier to stay the same, to keep within our comfort zones, it’s the main culprit for holding back on starting, even if we know it’s good for us! 

There are 2 things you need to do if you’re holding back on starting:

  1. Break down your ideas and goals into actionable steps that STRETCH you 

There’s a visual I use within my coaching to help my clients identify their starting point. This helps them gain clarity on what steps they need to take and how prepared they are to start.

More often than not, we set overly high expectations for ourselves which results in never starting. This exercise helps my clients build a starting point with realistic expectations and a clear path for progress and success, making it much easier to start, no matter how big or audacious the goal!

It’s called the comfort-stretch-panic model developed by psychologists Robert. M. Yerks and John. Dillingham Dodson in 1908. 

I first encountered it when preparing for a race. The comfort-stretch-panic model is used a lot in run coaching to help improve performance over time and keep a level of consistent progress during training. 

Now, I prefer to use it to help and empower clients to start taking action and turn ideas into reality. It’s a tool my Mastermind members refer to time and time again to help keep them moving forward and not staying stagnant or stuck. 

Here’s how to use the comfort-stretch-panic model to help you start taking action on your ideas and goals:

The comfort zone is where your ability and skills match the level of challenge in a situation or activity. You’re fully in control of the situation and the steps or actions it involves. And, overtime, with repeated practice, you may also develop mastery in specific skills. 

Reflect: Where do you have a combination of being familiar with a situation and knowing how to handle it? This is your comfort zone!

The stretch zone is when the level of challenge in a situation or activity slightly exceeds your ability to handle it. This shift in balance makes you feel alert and excited, but also a bit nervous at the same time. These are the goals where there is a marginal gap to close between your current abilities and the level of challenge. Starting in the stretch zone is an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and grow. This is why the stretch zone is considered ideal for new learning to take place – especially with the right support system and people around you. 

Reflect: What activities in your life allow you to grow? Where are you learning new things and enjoying the process? This will be you leaning into your stretch zone.

The panic zone is when the level of challenge in a situation or activity goes way beyond your ability to handle it effectively. The action to accomplish throws you into a spiral of anxiety, fear and self-doubt. It is why the panic zone is considered least conducive for new learning and growth. 

Reflect: What activities in your life make you feel anxious? Where does fear and self-doubt show up in your life?



Often when we’re holding back on starting a goal or implementing an idea into action we’re starting from a place of panic:

“What if I fail?”, 

“I’m not good enough”, 

“I don’t know how to start”.

To change the narrative and to help you take a step forward, I suggest breaking down the action/ goal/ idea into smaller ‘stretch’ steps. 

Two examples using the comfort-stretch-panic visual tool: 


Things to remember when using this model: 

  • Your threshold for different zones will differ in different situations. 
  • Your threshold for different zones is individual, do not compare your starting point to others. 
  • Do not push yourself into a zone as it will negatively impact your progress and performance. 
  • Prepare small steps that will allow you to learn and grow and take it one step at a time. 

Personal growth is a process and it’s not going to be easy, if it was everyone would be chasing goals and achieving their dreams. 

It’s a choice and a privilege to get uncomfortable doing things that excite you, bring more vibrancy, joy and success into your life, don’t let it be YOU to be holding you back!

Use the template below to map out the steps for you to START!

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I’ve helped women time and time again go from not knowing where to start when it comes to change to making the progress they’ve always made. Having a coach helps you focus on exactly what you need to be doing and when, commitment and accountability and support when times get tough – helping you succeed!

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