The *BRAND NEW* Climb Your Mountain: Goal Setting Class 

An interactive and motivating class to learn how to set and plan goals and the steps for unstoppable action in 2020!

This class has been COMPLETELY redone and now includes a 90 day planning template, mindset training and the unstoppable action framework. 

The class will take you from procrastinating over the same old NY resolutions you think you ‘should’ be doing…

To setting goals you’re so excited about you can’t even wait until 2020 starts! 

What if… 

  • Procrastination was not an option 
  • Overwhelm from setting too many goals / Your goals helped you focus on your priorities and cut your ‘to-do’ list in half. 
  • Not setting up for success / everything you needed to succeed at your goals was set up from the beginning  

I’ve been there…I know how frustrating it is when you spend the day rushed off your feet but feeling like you’ve not actually achieved anything. I’ve learnt through A LOT of experience that this is a big trigger for me to lose motivation and end up on the sofa watching TV. When the effort doesn’t feel worth it, I end up overthinking what I think I should be doing, and this is draining, all I want to do is switch off and focus on something else – like a mind numbing TV series on Netflix! 

Learning how to set goals correctly with an unstoppable action plan has been a GAME CHANGER and I want to show you how to do it too! 

Imagine if…

  • You had your very own ‘tried and tested’ process to set goals
  • You had a step by step planning guide for success & failure 
  • You knew the steps for unstoppable momentum towards your goals
  • You had a 90 plan of what to do and when
  • You know what to do when faced with a challenge

Set your New Year goals & learn how to feel absolutely unstoppable in 2020! 


“I have always set myself goals but Heidi taught me how to set SMART goals with clear measurements & actions. and then held me accountable on a weekly basis. Throughout the journey we set a number of different goals that centred around key pillars in my life: health, fitness, relationships & career development – all of which helped me improve my self awareness, strengthen my mindset and build new habits to set me up for success in all areas of my life.” Jessica, UK 

“The most significant change I have noticed has been being able to enjoy the moment. To be able to look at things/obstacles in a new way, as something to overcome, not as an option to shut down.”. Mandy, Dubai 

“Heidi’s coaching helped me to work towards my goals with patience and expertise. She has a sixth sense when it comes to what I need to support me through this process. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the programme has been how I feel. I feel positive and motivated and I know I can achieve my goals. I have also begun to prioritise myself and my health.” Jane, Singapore 

What does it include:

This class is a 60 minute video broken into a series of manageable tasks. 

During the class you will learn: 

  • How to choose a goal 
  • How to prioritise your goals for 2020
  • The best way to set a goal 
  • How to use my tried and tested planning template 
  • How to plan your behaviour (what it takes physically, mentally and emotionally to achieve a goal) 
  • What is needed to succeed 
  • How to be unstoppable 

Goal setting workbook including: 

  • Goal setting template 
  • Planning template
  • Action plan template
  • Self-care toolkit template 

*Optional: 1 month of community & coaching support by joining my Climb Your Mountain Slack Channel! 

This class will be available for a limited period.

Enroll now and receive your free gift My 2020 Vision Board Template. 

  • Class video series will be available from 17th December 2019 for members enrolled only. 
  • Members will have life-time access to the video series and 1 month support on the Slack Channel. 17th December 2019 – 17th January 2020. 



This is for you if . . .

  • You always set to many goals
  • You don’t put enough effort into completing your goals
  • You plan but don’t take action 
  • You don’t know how to set goal
  • You don’t set goals because your scared you’ll be setting yourself up to fail

You’ll learn how to set goals and be confident in your plan so you can take the pressure off the outcome and focus on enjoying the process! 



By the end you’ll . . .

You will… 

  • Be more productive
  • Have more focus 
  • Do more things to keep you on track of your goals
  • Feel more accomplished 
  • Feel proud of yourself 


“Heidi’s coaching has been trivial to the change in my mindset and the shift in my overall and behavior, attitude and perception. She helped with filtering & letting go of what does not serve me and my goal and keeping what does.” Katerina, Dubai

Don’t wait for 2020 to set your goals, do the prep now and start the year feeling absolutely unstoppable! 




Price: 179AED

Once you have signed-up to the class you will receive your free gift PDF 2020 Vision Board Template. 

Within 2 days of the class launch you will receive your email on how to set up Slack and join my Climb Your Mountain Slack Channel. 

The class will be a video series so you can break down the goal setting process into manageable ‘chunks’. 

You will be sent your video links and additional resource links to download the templates to accompany the class tasks. You will be able to save them as an editable document using Google Drive or you can print them as PDF’s and complete by hand – this choice is yours!

If you are not tech savie DON’T WORRY, I’ll be happy to send you tutorials to help you get set up!