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One-to-one personal and professional coaching with Heidi

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Personal and professional one-to-one coaching:

These sessions are to help my clients gain clarity on their long-term vision and the goals that will help them get there. Keeping perspective on the present and mapping out realistic steps for success. We discuss practical actions alongside the mindset and attitude to see things through. 

  • One-to-one conversation 
  • We focus on the present and your future vision
  • Discuss what tangible actions can get you to the personal and professional goals you set 

One-to-one coaching investment overview: 

  • A minimum of x3 session sign-up.
  • One hour coaching session via Zoom or in-person. 
  • Session notes will be taken and shared with you after the session.
  • Weekly check-in’s via your preferred contact method – email or Telegram.
  • Support outside of sessions to ask questions, share wins and challenges and seek additional support via Telegram. 


x3 sessions 2400 AED  

x6 sessions 4440 AED 

x12 sessions 8400 AED 

Payment method options: Bank transfer, CC and Paypal

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Attendee Testimonials

Meryl Cooper Scotland, Health and Running Coach, GB ultra-trail runner

"I started working with Heidi when I was embarking on a career break to race and travel around the world. 1-2-1 coaching is probably the best investment you can make in yourself and the benefits from this coaching will last a lifetime! As Heidi says on her podcast, she is a truth talking friend and she will tell you what you need to hear at times in order to move forward with your goals and keep fulfilling your potential. If you have big goals then they take time and support to achieve and I feel that working with Heidi really helped me to make the necessary mindset shifts to be successful. @meryl_runsultras "

Fatema Al Fardan Dubai, Wholesale Account Manager

"I liked the idea of a specialised one to one approach as a starting point because I was feeling stuck and I needed help in realising what I needed to do to get myself out of that situation. I learned a lot about myself in a very short period of time and what my true goals and priorities are in order to achieve my personal success goals. It's the best investment I have ever made in myself.After feeling stuck for so long the future seems brighter. "

Lauren Goggs Dubai, Lifestyle PT & Online Coach

"I started working with Heidi because I moved to Dubai after lock down. I felt a bit lost and a bit overwhelmed by the move and wanted to take control of the situation rather than let it control me. Heidi has certainly made me feel more calm about certain things. She has also helped me analyse situations in line with my underlying values and helped me say no if something isn’t adding value to my longer term goals. I had reservations about coaching because I’ve had a coach before and never found it that helpful. They just gave me textbook homework and didn’t align any exercises to my real life situations but Heidi really listens and understands your situation so I would highly recommend her. Sometimes you just feel a little lost and that’s ok, all it takes someone to point you in the right direction. I also wouldnt rely too heavily on a friend, partner or family member for this kind of direction just like you wouldn’t go to a electrician for a massage or a teacher to book you a holiday. Invest in an expert. Their job is to help you. @Lozgoggs"

Briana Mcateer Northern Ireland, Food Freedom Coach

"The most surprising thing to me was how working with Heidi how together it began to seem simple the action steps that I needed to take became more simple. I became very clear on what my large, long term goal was and became much more clearer on the action steps I could start taking right away, and it began to seem really simple and I became very focused on moving forward, taking action and progressing. I definitely made more progress than I would have on my own because of working with Heidi and now I’m able to make my own schedule and I have a schedule that I love. In fact last week I was messaging Heidi with my weekly check-in and started the message ‘I love Mondays!’, who knew I was going to love Mondays so quickly! @briana.mcateer.coaching"

LAURA New Zealand, Teacher

"The overall positive changes in my health and well-being that I have noticed since starting my 6 month program are the enjoyment of trying new foods/tastes, finding alternatives to processed and sugary foods that I was used to eating, having more energy/feeling less lethargic and feeling more positive about my life, having something to focus on. The main goals I have met so far are weight loss and feeling fitter and healthier. I now own a new road bike and have entered a triathlon, and have developed a better food routine with healthier eating habits. Working with Heidi has given me more meal ideas and I now feel more informed on what foods are good for you and why, focusing on when to eat certain foods with regard to training for example."

JANE Singapore, Teacher

"My top 3 goals: 1. Lose weight 2. Feel healthier 3. Restore balance to my life. Heidi helped me to work towards my goals with patience and expertise. She has a sixth sense when it comes to what I need to support me through this process. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the programme has been how I feel. I feel positive and motivated and I know I can achieve my goals. I have also begun to prioritise myself and my health. The most significant overall change has been my mind-set and choices I make on a daily basis. I have also learnt how to manage slip ups and manage myself to get back on track."

One-to-one personal and professional coaching with Heidi

Recharge your life


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