1-2-1 Health Coaching Programme

How To Build A Life You’ll Love


Registration open for new client intake beginning March 2019

1-2-1 coaching with Heidi for women who are ready to transform their lives to become their healthiest and happiest self.

3 month and 6 month programmes available.

You’ve been dreaming of making a change, a change you really want to do and you feel now is the right time to do it, you’ve been saying to yourself ‘if I don’t do it now I probably never will’ BUT the thought of getting started is making you feel a little overwhelmed to go it alone.

See Heidi as your personal accountability partner, your goals associate, vision focused coach who is there to motivate you and support you through the start of an amazing journey to better health.

Included in your 1-2-1 program: 

  • Two 1 hour 1-2-1 coaching sessions per month
  • A coaching programme tailored to YOUR own specific health and wellness needs
  • A judgement free zone
  • Personal email/ Whatsapp contact during the programme for any questions or queries you have in-between sessions
  • Support and guidance on how to start loving your body by teaching holistic practices suitable for your needs
  • Support in achieving optimal health and wellness physically, mentally and emotionally


  • Wholefood nutrition education and resources
  • Tool kit of coaching resources you can use in your own time to support your wellness needs
  • Goal setting and action planning support


Lifelong member of my ‘invitation only’ health & wellness Facebook support group.

Attendee Testimonials

LAURA New Zealand, Teacher

"The overall positive changes in my health and well-being that I have noticed since starting my 6 month program are the enjoyment of trying new foods/tastes, finding alternatives to processed and sugary foods that I was used to eating, having more energy/feeling less lethargic and feeling more positive about my life, having something to focus on. The main goals I have met so far are weight loss and feeling fitter and healthier. I now own a new road bike and have entered a triathlon, and have developed a better food routine with healthier eating habits. Working with Heidi has given me more meal ideas and I now feel more informed on what foods are good for you and why, focusing on when to eat certain foods with regard to training for example."

JANE Singapore, Teacher

"My top 3 goals: 1. Lose weight 2. Feel healthier 3. Restore balance to my life. Heidi helped me to work towards my goals with patience and expertise. She has a sixth sense when it comes to what I need to support me through this process. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the programme has been how I feel. I feel positive and motivated and I know I can achieve my goals. I have also begun to prioritise myself and my health. The most significant overall change has been my mind-set and choices I make on a daily basis. I have also learnt how to manage slip ups and manage myself to get back on track."

ASHA Dubai, Photographer

"The positive changes I have noticed so far are that I am focusing now not only on healthy foods for the body, but healthy ‘foods’ for the soul as well – I now crave greens when they are not in my daily diet. I’m also properly reading nutrition value labels now. My weight is gradually reducing; I have lost 3.5kg since the beginning of the program."

1-2-1 Health Coaching Programme

How To Build A Life You’ll Love