Climb Your Mountain Online Group Coaching

Turn Your Vision and Goals into Your Reality

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Climb Your Mountain Online Group Coaching Programme

Enrol on my 12-week group coaching programme and you’ll learn how to show up EVERYDAY with purpose and meaning, get clear on your vision & goals, grow outside your comfort zone and enjoy the process! 

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Feeling like you’re wasting time starting and stopping passion projects that don’t really lead anywhere? Have your priorities shifted and you want to take a new direction with your life but finding it hard to commit to the first step or don’t know where or how to start? 

This can be the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

Join me to get fully immersed in the process of what it takes to live in alignment with your big vision and goals – create your new reality and be in control of every step you take.

What if you had…

➜ A step-by-step process for taking control of the direction of your life?

➜ A system for unstoppable action?

➜ A self-coaching workbook with journaling prompts and coaching templates?

➜ An empowering group of like-minded women to meet with every week for feedback, accountability and motivation?


I’ve been where you are and I totally get how you’re feeling…

I was working my way up the career ladder and one day it hit me, I had ambition – lots of it, but I didn’t want to get to the top of this ladder! I had this internal pull telling me I could be using my time and energy doing something more enjoyable and with more meaning and purpose.

Once I learnt how to start taking those first steps to creating a life that lit me up – a life that got me excited to get out of bed in the morning – I was able to change the whole direction of my life. 

I mastered how to use my time, committed to change, immersed myself into learning how to do things differently, acquiring new skills, and gaining new perspectives. This process empowered me to do more of what I had been holding back on doing for so long!

Change enabled me to prioritise taking steps towards a life I had always dreamed of. 

I always remember going from feeling like I was completely stuck that I had no time to do anything to making the time to study a whole new course, train for my first ultra marathon and start my own coaching practice all within the same year – it was incredible.

If I can do it, I know you have what it takes to do this too.

Learning how to balance my goals, health and career has enabled me to create a life full of meaning, purpose and a lot of fun and I want to show you how to do it too…

Imagine if…

➜ You immersed yourself in creating a new reality for yourself and had full control of the direction of your life. 

➜ You don’t let your fears or beliefs hold you back from stepping outside your comfort zone. 

➜ You have a like-minded support system to help you with every step you take.

➜ You trust and enjoy the process.


This programme is the step you need and I promise if you follow the programme you will walk away mentally and emotionally stronger and on the path towards living a life you love.


Here’s your roadmap:

Each week we’ll work together to align your actions and thoughts towards your vision and goals.

  • x1 video group coaching session a week.
  • Climb Your Mountain Self-Coaching Workbook. 
  • Daily online coaching support for questions and feedback via Slack App.
  • Private group chat channel via Slack to support your fellow group members.

Week 1: Clarity on your short-term goals and long-term vision. 

Week 2: Accountability and actions. 

Week 3: Readiness to change & your process.

Week 4: Accountability and actions.

Week 5: Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Week 6: Accountability and actions. 

Week 7: Keeping perspective and aligned with your vision. 

Week 8: Accountability and actions. 

Week 9: Big, bold steps.

Week 10: Accountability and actions.

Week 11: Learning from wins and failure. 

Week 12: Accountability and setting up support systems for the next part of your journey.




This is for you if…

You want to see a change in the direction of your life this year. 

You have an idea of what you want to change/ create/ accomplish, but no idea how to start. 

You have a goal you’ve started but haven’t fully committed to the process because you’re afraid of failing. 

You need a support network outside of your ‘inner circle’ to gain perspective and to be held accountable.


You’ll learn how to consistently take aligned action so you can control the direction of your life.


By the end of CYM you’ll…

  • Have a clearly planned out roadmap for success for your goals. 
  • Feel clear on the direction you want to take for your life. 
  • Actually enjoy taking steps outside your comfort zone towards your vision and goals. 
  • Have a new self-coaching skill set to help you; make decisions, keep focused and motivated.

Are you ready to fully immerse yourself into taking ownership for the direction of your life? 

This programme is here to empower you to align your life with your vision and goals. 

Climb Your Mountain Online Group Coaching Programme

Enrol on my 12 week group coaching programme and you’ll learn how to show up EVERYDAY with purpose and meaning, get clear on your vision & goals, grow outside your comfort zone and enjoy the process! 

Join the waitlist: Next class starts September 2020. 


Attendee Testimonials

TOUFIC Marketing Manager

"The biggest impact I have had being part of group coaching is accountability & the joy of sharing outcomes (regardless of the outcome) without judgement. I’ve achieved my health & fitness goals within the 90 days and my other 2 goals are ongoing and in-progress”"

LAILA Studio Manager

"Feeling part of a group and getting support from the group as well as supporting others has made the biggest positive impact for me. Thank you! I’ve loved group coaching far more than 1-2-1!"

HEIDI Fashion Entrepreneur

"Connecting & being accountable to a group made the biggest impact on my progress and achieving the goals which I potentially may not have done without this group. Being able to discuss our fears out loud really helped, as well as learning failure is not as bad as it seems. I learnt the tools I needed to take action to achieve my goals."

AREEJ Bank Manager

"I’m very grateful for being part of this group. It has been a safe space and I’ve also learned a lot. I feel that what I’m leaving with (thoughts, ideas and goals) are so much more than what I came expecting. Thank you!"

JASON Media Business Owner

"Biggest impact of being part of the group coaching program is my shift in mindset, refocus on purpose and lifestyle changes – I don’t think I would have discovered or clarified my purpose without the program. "

SHAHEEN Mum, Business Analyst and Product Manager

"This coaching program has literally been life changing for me. The biggest impact has definitely the growth mindset work we did: moving from an ‘I can’t do it’ mindset to an ‘I can do it’ even if I don’t have it all figured out. The group has been phenomenal and such a source of inspiration and motivation. This was my first coaching experience! Read Shaheen's success story here: "

ANNEKA GEMs Leadership Coach

"This has been awesome – I now know I always want being in a coaching group in my life! I am a million times happier since starting this journey."

JULIE Marketing Manager & yoga teacher

"Thank you seem such a small word to say for such a life changing experience. When I started 3 months ago, I thought I knew what my issues were to work on, but through the support and direction taken in the group session I found my truth. The ongoing encouragement from the wonderful strong women in my group has inspired me to change my life in the most positive way, I can honestly say I’m on the road to happiness and there is no stopping me!"

Climb Your Mountain Online Group Coaching

Turn Your Vision and Goals into Your Reality

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