What if I can’t afford to pay the coaching investments but I want to be coached by you?
Payment plans can be discussed after an initial health history consultation
Discounts available after initial health history consultation.

Are there group coaching options available?
Yes please see up coming group coaching offers available on my Coaching Offers Page.

What if I want to do this with my friend, partner, husband?
If you are both ready and willing to start your health journey together we can arrange a program for that, please send me an email for a more personal response.

Where will the coaching sessions take place?
Location of sessions will be discussed after your initial health history consultation, my previous clients have preferred coffee shops and in their own home.

What time will my coaching session be?
Time schedules are discussed after your initial health history consultation, once a time is chosen that suits your current situation it will take place at that time for each of the 12 sessions.