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5 April, 2021

We’ve made it through the first 90 days of 2021!

How are you feeling? And you’re not allowed to say fine.

Every 90 days I pause and reflect and write down how I’m feeling on a deeper, meaningful level and take the time to reflect on my personal and professional goals for the year.

It’s too easy to push down emotions when you’ve got other stuff going on. To ignore the small bad habits creeping in because it’s helping you cope. To keep letting your boundaries be crossed because you need to speed things along… But, ignoring these things for too long will start to negatively impact your wellbeing, your WLB and overall performance both in and out of work and become so much harder to stop or change as time goes on.

I challenge you to make a date/ meeting/ appointment (whatever keeps you accountable!) with yourself this month and check-in. It’s time to celebrate your progress, identify what needs attention, check in with your work-life balance and reset your focus for the next 90 days. 

Let’s not put the pressure on, 10 minutes is all you need to make a good start: 

Use these prompts for both your personal and your professional goals. 

If you have 10 mins this is good:

  • List; your 2021 goals and your current priorities 
  • What is going well?
  • What could be even better if…
  • What 5 steps will I take over the next 90 days to keep me aligned or moving towards achieving my goals?

If you have 20 minutes this is better: 

  • List; your 2021 goals and your current priorities
  • What’s working? Where have I seen progress?
  • What’s not working? Where did I fail?
  • What have I learnt?
  • What will stay the same and what will change over the next 90 days?
  • What will be my most important steps to see progress or a positive change?
  • How will I be accountable over the next 90 days?

If you have longer than 20 minutes this is best: 

  • List; your values, your 2021 goals and current priorities 
  • What have I achieved from my 2021 goals in the last 90 days?
  • Where am I seeing results and why?
  • What’s most challenging and how can I turn it into an opportunity?
  • What is one thing I can do over the next 90 days that will create the biggest positive impact in my life?
  • How quickly have I bounced back from setbacks? What can I do better? 
  • In what ways do I allow myself to rest and recharge?
  • What can I do during these next 90 days to live more aligned with my values?
  • What are my priority goals over the next 90 days? 
  • What’s my action plan? 

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