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How To Be Active Everyday 3 Motivating Steps

2 February, 2017

The key is to not get caught up in a trend, find fitness activities you love so it doesn’t feel like a chore and mix it up to keep it interesting!

It is important to keep in mind when it comes to working out – how much and which types of movement will benefit you most and keep wanting you to go back for more.

Have you ever considered which type of exercises suit your personality? Consider if you are someone who does better with more gentle, grounding exercises, or if you require more vigorous activity or perhaps to stay motivated you need a mixture of both?

Take action:

Set yourself the challenge to find out what helps you feel revitalised after a long day of work (trust me you will be able to find the energy once you learn what works best for you!). Experiment by committing to try a new workout each week, include both gentle and vigorous types and do not stop the experiment until you find something you love. 

Try walking, running, paddle boarding, boxing, salsa dancing, cycling, yoga, swimming, netball, cross-fit…the possibilities are endless.

Get started today with these 3 steps:

  1. Pick a workout you like

You are much more likely to attend if you have fun.

Too many people sign-up for a class or workout because they feel it is something they ‘should’ be doing, rather than doing it because they want and enjoy doing it.

When energy and will power is drained you will find it easier to stick to your workout plan if it something you actually look forward to doing.

  1. Turn it into a social catch-up

Instead of heading to the bar or for a coffee after work, arrange to meet and workout.  The majority of us want to add more physical movement into our lives, by mixing up your social catch-ups you will be helping not only yourself but helping your friends improve their health and happiness as well! #winning

  1. Get out of your comfort zone

When a workout become mundane or ‘easy’ it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and add something to the mix to spark up motivation. This could be signing up to an event to push physical and mental boundaries or trying something new!

When you find what works for you, you will be more likely to do it consistently and reap the benefits, including maintaining a lean figure, increased energy, increased flexibility, optimal digestive health, improve immune function, improved mental clarity and reduced anxiety and stress, resulting in feeling not only healthier but happier too.

Need some inspiration in Dubai sign-up for one of these:

Lululemon community sweat sessions! #sweatlife

Join me for a run around the Marina on Saturday mornings, meet point lululemon store in the Dubai Marina Mall. https://www.facebook.com/lululemondubai/?fref=ts

CrossFit, gymnastics, weightlifting, cardio club, endurance at Innerfight http://www.innerfight.com @innerfight #shownoweakness

Trail running with The Desert Trail Runners  https://www.facebook.com/groups/435311119936881/ @coachlee.ultraperformance

Speed endurance with Ben Parnell https://www.facebook.com/groups/2105379049686704/

Piloga with Allie at http://pilogastudio.com @alliemmclaughlin (she hosts workshops from Hoola-hooping to, sun salutations to perfecting a handstand)

HIIT and Boxing with Karina, Brian and Linda http://www.1six8.net @1six8uae and @catchkarina


This boxing gym has a great atmosphere and is open to anyone who wants to improve both physical and metal strength. Great team of trainers and also offer boxing yoga! http://totalboxer.com


Getting some daily movement in over the Christmas holidays while in London @totalboxer


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