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How To Be More Consistent

9 August, 2020

I quit on my goals again and now I have to start all over again.

​Sound like you??

You’re not alone. Getting in a cycle or pattern of ‘starting and stopping’ or ‘all in or all out’ is a learned behaviour – usually triggered by something from your past experiences. It could be a fear you’ve developed or even a limiting belief you’ve reinforced over and over again. 

The good news is, as it’s a learned behaviour, it means you can unlearn (or learn a new way) to break the cycle that is keeping you from reaching your goals. 

Something I have used that has really helped me keep a realistic perspective on my goals (which is one of the most important things to confidently accomplish your goals) is to get clear on what  life will look like as I’m working towards achieving that goal, more specifically I get clear on what good, better and best looks like. 

What does this have to do with consistency? 

A consistent approach is all about doing the same thing over and over again. When we set goals there are particular habits, rituals, behaviours and action steps that need to be done consistently to get the results we want. Think about it, if you want to keep a healthy weight, you need to consistently eat healthy food. You want to maintain your fitness, you need to consistently workout. You want to advance in your career, you need to consistently be achieving results.

The issue many people have when it comes to consistency, is approaching a goal with an unrealistic expectation that they can maintain best effort 100% of the time. So when something sends them off-track, perhaps priorities change, miss a day, something doesn’t go to plan or they have a set-back, they feel overwhelmed and quit. 

Using the good, better, best approach (or if you prefer Bronze, Silver, Gold) you can help yourself stay on track, take consistent action and break the cycle of starting and stopping. 

To get you started here’s my approach for a consistent approach to healthy eating:

Good: (for days when I haven’t been shopping, or something unexpected comes up)

Breakfast: porridge with banana. Lunch: Egg mayo sandwich. Dinner: Stir-fry. Snacks: pre-bought oat bar, banana, rice crackers. 

Better: (for days I can food shop, prepare the night before and can keep food cool)

Breakfast: overnight oats​ with berries. Lunch: Homemade bread sandwich with beets and salad. Dinner: Big salad with lean protein & healthy fats and homemade dressing. Snacks: apple & cheese cubes, fresh fruit bowl, trail mix.  

Best: (for days I’ve planned in advance, I prioritise cooking at home in my calendar and I have time to sit down and enjoy the food)

Breakfast: turmeric shot and paleo pancakes. Lunch: Fish with steamed greens. Dinner: Slow-cooked brisket with sweet potatoes. Snacks: homemade bliss balls or banana bread.​

This approach means I will consistently be eating healthily – the more I can be ‘best’ the quicker I see results, but life has a way of not running as smoothly as that. 

If this resonates, I challenge you to write down good, better, best (habits, rituals, behaviours and action steps​) you need to take to keep consistency towards your goals. 

Please feel free to share them with me and let me know if it works!


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