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How To Feel Better About Yourself In 3 Rewarding Ways

23 September, 2016

Health and happiness isn’t all about food and fitness, its about looking after your overall wellbeing. A turning point to feeling happier for many of my clients, has been the act of putting themselves out to the world and finding people who inspire, motivate, encourage self-improvement, listen and love them for who they are. This has ranged from joining triathlete groups and running communities, to singing in a choir, raising money for charity and baking healthy cakes for work colleagues.

Listed below are my 3 health coaching action steps recommended to put yourself out the world:

How To Feel Better About Yourself In 3 Rewarding Ways

  1. Find your tribe

Finding a group of people who want to hear about your goals and dreams will inspire you to keep reaching them. The support you will get from your kinda ‘people’ will help you start to believe in yourself and help you learn to be happy with who you are. The first step is to think about what it is you love to do. If you love eating healthy food, love to talk about it and create great recipes, find a group who also love food. You will be able to share your ideas, inspire others and feel free to be yourself.

  1. Get involved with your community

Connecting with others within your community creates a sense of belonging that is essential for building confidence and being happy in your day to day life. Small acts of kindness can be a great starting point; say hello to your neighbours, support the local farmer’s markets or join up to a group which has been set-up to connect the community together and if you can’t find one, set up your own and watch your confidence increase and daily happiness rocket.

  1. Volunteer your time and serve a purpose

Giving back and serving a purpose is essential for overall wellbeing and happiness. Start feeling good about yourself by putting your strengths, talents, skills to good use and offer a service to your community, a local charity or cause. There are opportunities everywhere, the key is to open up your options and not limit yourself.  The more you put out there to the world the more opportunities will come your way.

Positive thoughts boost your mood, spirit and feelings of self-worth, and tend to create even more positivity and happiness in your life. It takes practice, but soon enough, your mind will lean towards the brighter side of life. Gratitude, surrounding yourself with like minded people and doing something for someone else are all proven methods to lift your spirits.

Still not ready to take one the steps above?

If you don’t know what you are passionate about or afraid to take the first step, health coaching could be for you. Take the first step by reaching out to me here: heidi@heidijonescoaching.com

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