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How To Get Clear On Your Goals For The New Year

6 January, 2018

Goal setting is a game-changer.

Setting goals helps you get clear on what you WANT to do and what NEED to do in order to feel healthier, happier and more fulfilled with your life. It’s about taking control of the controllable and making it happen for yourself.

As 2018 is a brand new year I want to kick it off my sharing with you a goal setting strategy I not only using in coaching, I also use it when setting my own goals.

If you want to make this year YOUR year I challenge you to get started by following the goal setting strategy below and sharing your answers with me by tagging me @heidi_jones_coaching #HCCchallenge

Download the worksheet here: 2018GOALSETTING_HJC

Goal Setting:

Get Perspective.

STEP 1: Write down what you know you will accomplish in 2018 (the things that you have 100% confidence you will complete this year, e.g completing a course you have started).




Note: these are not goals – yes, they may still be challenging and require time and commitment, however if you know you will accomplish them already it is not a goal they are actions and milestones. 

Keep it simple.

STEP 2: Write down one goal you want to accomplish in 2018 (something that requires a change in your actions).

STEP 3: What is your WHY? Why is it important you accomplish this goal in 2018?

STEP 4: On a scale of 1-5 how likely are you to fail at this? (1 = no chance of failing, 5 being over 50% likely I will fail)

1    2    3    4    5


1-2 = goal is not big enough, consider what you can do to make this goal bigger and more of a challenge for you

3-4 = the goal is going to be a challenge but you are fairly confident you will accomplish it, what additional step would make this goal more challenging to achieve?

5 = this is an audacious goal, good for you! These next steps are really important to help you prepare for taking action

Planning ahead.

My Goal is:

Date to be achieved:   /  / 2018

The BIG 3:

1. What is holding me back from achieving this goal?

2. What must I fully commit to in order to achieve this goal?

3. How will I be accountable for my actions?


Download the worksheet here: 2018GOALSETTING_HJC

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