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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure

17 May, 2020

What happens if your plan fails? 

You have two options;

  1. Avoid failure by stopping what you’re planning on doing and always wonder ‘what if’
  2. Trust your intuition, stick with your plan and find out

Being afraid of failure is real, it’s one of the most frequent discussions I have as a coach with my clients. 

“What if I can’t stick with the self-care plan?” “What if I can’t achieve a balance?” “What if it doesn’t work and I don’t feel better?” “What if nobody wants me to change?”… 

If you want to stop your fear of failure the first step is to recognise when fear shows up in your life, then stop it in its tracks.

Consider this:

How does the fear of failure show up in your life? 

Is it by…

  • Staring at a blank screen feeling totally demotivated to start anything?
  • Avoiding people by staying in rather than going out?
  • Disinterested in anything that is good for you (stop going to the gym? start ordering food in rather than cook at home? 
  • Watching more Netflix than normal?
  • Unusual craving for more chocolate? 

Everyone is different, it’s important to recognise how it shows up in your life to be able to stop it and to keep going with your plan. 

The next step is to look at failure from a new perspective. With my clients I ask them to challenge their internal belief systems about failure, this empowers them to view failure as an essential part of moving forward with their goals and aspirations. 

So what if your plan fails?

You’ve learnt what not to do 

You’ve learnt what to do (you’ll be one step closer at least!)

You’ve most likely learnt a whole new bunch of skills

You’ve taken action rather than sit and wonder ‘what if’ 

You get to start on your next plan!

Heidi Jones coaches high-flying career women to take action to balance their health and career goals. Follow @heidi_jones_coaching or visit her website heidijonescoaching.com and download your free guide on how to achieve a healthy work/ life balance.

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