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13 March, 2018

As someone who likes extremes I do put a lot of stress onto my body through running and training. One of my favourite and most effective ways to help give my body a rest and reset is to do a 3 day juice cleanse. Yep, I do this at least 3-4 times a year.

I usually choose to do a cleanse after a long running event and strict training schedule or after a holiday when diet and exercise routines haven’t been the priority. This helps me re-focus and re-energise.
I always know when I’m ready for a cleanse as my body tells me, I’m more hungry than usual, I’ll crave coffee more often, I’ll feel sluggish or experiencing some bloating after eating.

So, what is juicing?

Juicing involves the extraction of juice from fresh fruits and vegetables to create a mix of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

Juicing is a controversial subject in the health & wellness world, especially since juice fasts and cleanses are currently a major trend. As an integrative health coach I suggest you find out for yourself, remember nothing changes unless you do something different! One piece of advice I do give is it that going on a juicing cleanse is not a quick fix weight loss method. Here are some of the benefits you could experience from a juice cleanse;

Benefits of juicing:

*Strengthened immune system

*Improved appetite control

*Provides a healthy rest for your digestive system

*Increased energy levels

*Reduces or can eliminate coffee cravings

Fast and easy absorption of nutrients

Clearer thinking ability

Glowing eyes and skin

Strong hair and nails

Heightened sense of taste and smell

Health benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables that you wouldn’t normally eat raw or whole.

*The benefits I experience from juice cleanses.

Here is some research:

Research shows we ingest chemicals through the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. The main reason to go on a cleansing program is to rid the body of these chemicals then build it up to optimal levels with nutrient-dense foods.

Juice cleanses can range from 3-7 days or more. It’s recommended that you slowly ease into and out of your cleanse by transitioning to a mostly raw foods diet in the few days leading up to and following the cleanse. It’s important to eliminate caffeine and alcohol and eat clean. After a few days post-cleanse, you can ease back into the sustainable diet that works for you by integrating dairy, meat, and carbohydrates last (if applicable to your diet).

Toxins are deposited into our fat cells, producing excess buildup that our bodies cannot naturally eliminate on their own. This compromises our immune system and causing illnesses, hormonal imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies. Cleansing is used to purge the body of these undesirable chemicals and buildup.

Some cleanse providers recommend colonics, sauna sessions, massages, and other complementary cleansing therapies throughout your juice cleanse. Depending on your individual type, you may want to incorporate some or all of these tools to get the most out of your detox.

We cleanse to rid ourselves of these toxins, give our digestive systems a rest, and rejuvenate our bodies. Goals include weight loss, improved skin, better digestion, improved mental clarity, healthier hair and nails, and much more. Cleansing programs work to strengthen the immune system by looking at food as fuel for internal organs.

Sources: Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

Juicing insights:

1. People cannot live on juice alone. Juicing is a great way to add extra nutrients and minerals into your diet, but there is typically little fat and fibre present. Your digestive system was created to work. A rest now and again is fine, but just as the mind must be kept active in order to keep it working at a high level, the same goes for bodily processes like digestion.
Break up juicing with periods of eating real whole nutritious foods.

2. Be adventurous with the varieties available. One of the biggest benefits of juicing is that it allows you to eat a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables that you wouldn’t normally choose to have.

3. All juices are not created equal. Vegetable juices are nutrition powerhouses. Fruit juices, although an excellent source of vitamin C, are high in naturally occurring sugars and should be consumed less often. If you’re new to juicing, choose juices with some fruits to make it more drinkable, however over time switch to the more vegetable based juices for optimal nutrient consumption.

One last thing.

I do create my own juices when I introduce a juice a day into my normal diet however, for a 3 day juice cleanse I choose a juicing company to provide me the juices. This save me time, they have a great selection and feels like a ‘treat’ when they get delivered to my door each morning. Also when I have a cleanse, it’s to help me rest and reset, by not having to make the juices at home it’s actually a stress reducer and helps me relax.
The company I have been using is Go:Organic https://www.goorganic.me. The portion sizes are great, they have a big variety, the juices taste great and the owner Meenaxy knows everything you need to know about juicing and someone who walks the talk (download her E-book below) – this is always important to me when it comes to buying a health product.

Meenaxy supports what I do too and she has provided us a 20% Discount code for you all to use anytime you buy a 3 or 7 day juice cleanse plan, see I told you she is great. 

To receive the discount just use the code when checking out 20SALEOFF

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