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2 July, 2016

Inspiring Success Stories come to you from the authentic voices of inspirational people I have coached during their health journey. These are the people that have looked fear, judgment, self-doubt and everyday struggles in the eye and have taken them on with wholehearted determination and now live a full and happy life.

“Everything changes with self-love. And understanding this became my most significant change.”

This is Asha’s story…

My goals upon starting the 6-month program were to…

  1. Learn to nourish my body with right foods and identify my eating patterns
  2. Find suitable physical activity that can support me in weight loss and be pleasant to perform
  3. Boost self esteem and feeling more comfortable in my body
  4. Weight loss 20 kg target

Heidi was able to help me work toward these goals by…

  • Providing regular check–ins with positive attitude towards reaching my goals.
  • Providing with plenty of information that supports the progress and keeps it on track
  • Conducting cooking and other workshops that gives practical experience and feel of community.
  • Being more than a health coach, but personal cheerleader, willing to work with issues lying much deeper than healthy eating and exercise.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I’ve shrunk two sizes down (and released 10kg excess weight) and feel amazing about myself. Now I’m confident to move on my own, continuing my weight loss journey with positive vibe. My self-esteem boosted up and outer appearance with it.

Asha at the start of her health coaching journey

Asha at the start of her health and wellness journey

Asha 6 months into her health & wellness journey

Asha 6 months into her health and wellness journey

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that there many things I need to take care about everyday, but most important is taking care of myself, that often was missed. Now I allow myself personal time to take care nothing else but myself. Everything changes with self-love. And understanding that became most significant change.

Heidi is a very loving and supporting person one can trust and open up to for their best benefit. Person to rely on in a weigh-loss journey, without fear of being judged.

I recommend Heidi to anyone willing lose/gain weight and improve his or her lifestyle in a healthy way. If you are the one who has tried all possible diets and pills but never reached your desired weight number or/and been able to stay at number, feeling sorry for yourself and avoiding looking yourself into mirror – Heidi is your key to big change. Believe me, its even more exciting than you can imagine now.


Asha at the start of her health and wellness journey


Asha 6 months into her health and wellness journey

Asha, Dubai/Russia, 2016

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