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It’s A Special Day, Take Control & Enjoy It

20 December, 2017

Boundaries at Christmas? It’s not about deprivation, it’s about enjoying the moment and keeping hold of that feeling for more than one day.

‘Special days’ are easy triggers for us to put our own ‘intentions on hold’ and for us to live out and meet the expectations of others. I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences to these…

“You have to have a glass of bubbly for breakfast, it’s Christmas!”

“Where’s your box of Quality Street? You have to have one, it’s Christmas!”

“I made it especially for you, you have to have at least one slice”

“What do you mean you don’t want second’s? It’s Christmas”

If you really want to support the longevity of your goals and new healthier lifestyle, it’s actually a really important part of the process to ‘walk your talk’ on ‘special days’ like Christmas Day.



  • It’s a great opportunity to introduce new healthy boundaries with your friends and family on special occasions. ‘I’m not on a diet, it’s my new way of living my life, please support me’


  • It’s the time to start creating new traditions for special days which bring you good health and happiness for years to come.


  • It’s a great feeling to wake up the next day feeling proud of yourself, knowing that you have accomplished another milestone towards achieving the life you want.


New to this? Here’s how to do it:

Prepare in advance for each part of the holiday season; the lead up to Christmas such as friends parties, family get-togethers, traditions and post Christmas/ lead up to New Year such as left-overs, unhealthy presents…

  • Take your own healthier options to share, there are so many good recipes out there here a couple to get you started:

Christmas Infused Trail Mix

Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bark

Paleo Fruit Mince Slice

Sugar-Free Mulled Wine


  • Take your own non-alcoholic drinks to the party and spice them up with fresh berries such as this no booze blueberry mojito


  • Ask your friends and family for support and explain to them how they can support you. If the thought of asking them for support face-to-face is too difficult for you write a personal email or message. Remember – if they don’t know what you want, how will they know how to help you.


  • Plan activities and invite others along in advance – don’t surprise people with the invitation to go for a run on Christmas day. By creating excitement and setting the expectations before the event you’re much more likely to find a buddy to join you!


A healthy lifestyle is not about deprivation. Identify the traditions you actually want to keep, commit to them and do not feel guilty about it the next day; so if you want roast potatoes with your Christmas dinner – have them. Beating yourself up the next day (for eating one too many roast potatoes) is not a healthy, balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle. Remember to focus on your wellbeing as a whole – physical, mental and emotional.

Want to create a healthier lifestyle for 2018 or learn how to cope with triggers that lead you off your healthy path? Health coaching is a great approach in supporting you in creating healthy lifestyle habits and sticking to them – even on special days! To take advantage of a free health coaching call with Heidi, fill out your health coaching questionnaire by clicking on the link below and she will personally get in touch with you: heidi@heidijonescoaching.com


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