Healthy lifestyle & high-flying career: 30 Day Challenge

By the end of the 30 days you’ll have your very own roadmap to create a healthier and more successful balance between your career, goals and dreams.


Calling ALL ambitious ladies! 

Want to know how you can be the boss of your own life? How you can work on your own goals alongside keeping up with your career and family life? Have a schedule that makes you feel like the most organised, productive person you know? My 30 Day Challenge is going to help you start making this a reality and the best part…it will only take you 10 minutes a day. 

Join me for my Healthy Lifestyle & High-flying career: 30 Day Challenge! 

By the end of the 30 days you’ll have your very own roadmap to create a healthier and more successful balance between your career, goals and dreams.

No matter how you feel today, by day 30 of this challenge you will experience a shift in your life – you’ll be more confident and be taking steps (yep, those steps that feel impossible to start) towards creating the lifestyle of your dreams!

Do you spend all day, nights and sometimes even the weekends hustling away at your job and barely have time for your own goals? Do you worry that you aren’t ready for your big goals or are stuck trying to find the right time to start? Do you feel like you need a better work/ life balance but haven’t been able to make it happen? 

What if… 

  • Your weekly schedule excited you rather than fill you with dread?
  • You had an awesome daily routine that meant you had time every time to prioritise your health and wellbeing?
  • You started seeing progress towards your big goals (you know, that goal you keep wanting to start but never have the time!)
  • You were so organised you could confidently say no to the things you don’t want to do – because you’ve already said yes to the thing you want to do! 
  • You felt excited and motivated to keep going because you were finally doing more of the things you’ve always wanted to do. 


I totally get it…

For years I put my dreams on hold as I worked my way up the career ladder, waiting for the perfect moment to focus on my own goals. Even though I really wanted to, I never felt clever enough to change careers and definitely not fit enough to run a marathon.

And I definitely didn’t have the time to do anything about it! (Or so I thought!) 

Therefore I just kept waiting for someday – the perfect moment – when I would be ready. 

But after years of spending my entire week in work that just didn’t light me up, I knew there was a better way, I could feel it. 

I dug through my limiting beliefs, took daily imperfect action (quite a challenge for this perfectionist!) and found pockets of time in my days to work on accomplishing MY goals. 

Now I’m running a successful coaching business, running more races than I ever could have imagined, a new mum and feeling incredibly fulfilled teaching other women to go after their goals and dreams too!

Imagine if… 

  • You had a roadmap of what you need to do to create a healthier balance between your career, goals and dreams.
  • You had the skills to stop procrastinating and overthinking on your goals.
  • You had a journal of action steps to keep you focused.
  • You felt empowered to make time for your health, goals and dreams. 
  • You had the ability to carve out time everyday to focus on your health and goals. 
  • You had structure to your day that was fun and flexible.
  • You felt more confident, positive and compassionate.
  • Your goals finally seemed within reach.

This challenge will put you on the path to building the mindset, confidence and a personalised roadmap of what you need to do to create a balance to live a healthy, fun and fulfilling life.


Maria Petrova Business owner and mother of two. 

“I decided to enrol on the 30 Day Challenge because I find it difficult to keep the balance between work and family life when you are self-employed and responsible for 12 people. The results I have seen over the 30 days include; taking time to plan my day; I choose one or two things that must be done and don’t stress about less important items in my diary. I praise myself more often whereas I used to beat myself up for every little mistake and failure. If you are thinking of joining this programme don’t think twice, go ahead and do it!”


Lama Kazan @healthywise_withlama

“The program has definitely created a sense of accountability and focus that I didn’t have before. I was able to take my first step towards posting an insta post and to be more confident about what I know and what I can share. I think this programme is truly for everyone who wants to take a hard or gusty step in life, even if you’re a coach you need one to make you face what you’re afraid of. Thank you Heidi for the continued support “


How this challenge will help you:

  • Daily Coaching Videos: a one minute clip of motivation to help you carve out time in your day for YOU. My videos cover a range of topics, from cultivating a positive mindset to outsmarting your inner-critic. (Videos are just a minute long so you’ll always have the time to watch!) 
  • A daily challenge:  to help you develop the skills to balance your health, goals and career. 
  • A self-care tip: you can put into practice to immediately start feeling in control. 

Bonus material:

  • Once a week during the 30 days you will receive written personal coaching support by completing a weekly self-reflection exercise.
  • Coaching templates for you to download via Google Drive.
  • Access to an online group exclusively for challenging participants to get support and accountability 24/7.
  • Weekly live Q&A session to answer your questions and make sure you have everything you need to be successful. 

Click here to enroll today!

This is for you if… 

  • You’re ready to outgrow all the things that have been holding you back from living a healthy, fun and fulfilled life. 
  • You want to carve out time in your day – everyday – to focus on your health and lifestyle goals.
  • You’ve been inspired to change and now ready to learn how to do it and make the changes stick. 
  • You need a confidence boost to start believing in your abilities to achieve your goals. 
  • Want the accountability to start taking action towards your health and lifestyle goals today!

You’ll learn how to create the balance YOU NEED in your life so you can confidently take steps towards achieving your health and lifestyle goals. 

Click here to enroll today!

Buy the end you’ll… 

  • Have a roadmap of what you need to start creating a healthier balance between your goals, dreams and your work.
  • Feel empowered and be focused on the steps you need to take to start turning your goals and dreams into a reality. 
  • Have toolkit of resources you can use to keep momentum towards your goals. 
  • Learn practical ways to practice self-compassion. 
  • Have started to outgrow all the excuses that have been holding you back.





Danielle Haggar, Pilates Instructor

“This 30 day challenge was just the right thing for me at this time of my life. The amount of work required to do was just perfect and the google docs and videos really helped guide me. Heidi was always there answering messages and checking in on a regular basis. I will recommend this challenge to everyone!”


I’ve broken-free from the perfectionist cycle and now it’s time for you to do it too! Let me help you find a work/life balance and overcome the challenges that keep holding you back from living a healthy, fun and more fulfilling life. 


Enrollment is open today – enroll for 695AED here. 


Attendee Testimonials

Amanda Dubai

"The most significant overall change I have noticed has been transitioning from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. This is amazing because it is not only applicable to a specific topic or situation but it’s an overall change of perspective and outlook. That is the most precious tool I developed while working with Heidi and it’s making a big change in my everyday life."

Jessica UK

"Learning more about myself has enabled me to realise what I'm really passionate about; what my strengths are; and identify areas where I need to put more energy into, to get better at in order to achieve my goals. For example, one of my blind spots is working at 150 mph all day, every day with no time to chill and reflect. Recognising this and then working on techniques that slow my day down such as reflecting, journaling and meditating has enabled me to manage stress & anxiety better."

Healthy lifestyle & high-flying career: 30 Day Challenge

By the end of the 30 days you’ll have your very own roadmap to create a healthier and more successful balance between your career, goals and dreams.