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How To Create An Expat ‘Bucket List’ You Can Be Proud Of

25 September, 2015

Setting goals and intentions that line up with what you truly value in life, makes them so much more exciting, meaningful and most importantly achievable.

Create a bucket list that no matter where you are in the world you can start creating stories that impacts the rest of your life, things that make you jump out of bed for, bring you a sense of joy and make you feel a live!

So how do I create this list?

Firstly is to identify your values and intentions.

Start by writing down what it is in your life you value most (this may take a while if you haven’t checked-in with your feelings for a while, but that’s ok, there’s no rush)

What’s important to me?

The person I want to be is…?

I want to live my life by feeling…?

Who do I want to spend my time with?

What do I want to be remembered for?

Next is to set some future goals

Now you have your list of values and intentions it is much easier to start setting goals that will help you live a life that is full of value and meaning. 

How do I set my goals?

Start to plan out ways you can live by these values and intentions.

For example;

Value and intention: to enjoy spending time in nature as much as possible.

Goal: to visit a new national park each year.

Your life will be much happier when you start living a life that you truly value 

To create your bucket list you now use your goal to pin-point a specific challenge or desire you have.

Bucket list: to hike in the Grand Canyon.

By setting this goal you are living out what you most desire and completing your own ‘expat must have’s’.

How do I use my time as an expat to achieve this goal?

Set yourself some action steps you can start today.

You now know what it is your heart desires you can use your life as an expat to start living a life inline with your values and intentions.

Value and intention: to enjoy spending time in nature as much as possible.

Goals: to visit a new national park each year.

Bucket list: to hike in the Grand Canyon.

Action steps: to hike in the mountains around my local area.

Its easy to write down you action step it’s what you do next that makes all the different.

Take your action step further by listing what it is you need to do to to achieve this action step.

This could be finding a friend to join you, joining a local support group on Facebook, telling your family you plans, getting fitter, creating a savings plan…

By taking small steps on a consistent basis you are much more likely to achieve what’s on your bucket list and make choices that create happiness in your life by having the confidence to not follow the crowd.

Creating a bucket list from the heart is much more valuable than just ticking things from a list of ‘must haves’.

Feel free to share your bucket list on my Facebook page, you never know who might read your list and be able to help you achieve it!

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