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Ready to start on your summer goals? Do this first

6 April, 2022

At the beginning of April, I always encourage my clients to look back over the previous 90 days before they start setting goals for the next quarter of the year. As a coach, I do this because it’s so easy for us to forget what we’ve already achieved so far in the new year, and it’s a great exercise to see what’s currently working and what is not, particularly when it comes to habits, routines, and our expectations. 

Here are 4 things you can take my from coaching toolkit to help you reflect on the past 90 days: 

Grab a notebook and pen. It’s always best to write down your thoughts; see it as a ‘do it yourself’ coaching session!

  1. Pick the 3 highlights of the past 90 days – if you can’t remember what’s happened in the past 90 days, look back through your calendar or schedule.
  2. Write down your top priorities over the past 90 days and how they have impacted you and your life. 
  3. Consider what’s changed or what hasn’t changed in your life that you thought would have by now – what helped progress/ what hindered progress? 
  4. Based on your reflection, write down what you need right now and how you can prioritise it over the next 90 days to see the progress you want by 1 July! 

This exercise might take some time, be gentle with yourself and use it to help you learn more about yourself and what you need to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

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