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Sweet Potato Hash Browns with Avocado & Egg (Paleo breakfast idea)

15 April, 2016

Super simple and delicious weekend breakfast idea, serve with a hot pot of coffee.


For the hash browns:

1 medium-large sweet potato, grated

1 egg

sprinkle of ground black pepper

1 tsp paprika

1 tbsp of coconut oil


4 eggs

1 ripe avocado

Rock salt



To make the sweet potato hash

Whisk the egg and add the grated sweet potato, paprika and pepper, mix until all combined.

Heat the coconut oil on medium-high heat in a frying pan.

Divide the sweet potato mixture into 4 portions.

To make ‘perfect circle’ hash browns you can use  egg rings – place the egg ring onto the frying pan and add the sweet potato mixture and leave to cook for 5 minutes before removing the egg ring and flipping over the pototo hash to cook on the other side for a further 5 minutes.

Or alternatively you can use a spoon/your hands to create a burger shaped hash.

While the hash brown are cooking, boil your eggs.

Bring a large pan of water to boil, carefully add 4 eggs to the water and boil for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, pour out the boiling water and replace with cool water. Leave the eggs to sit for a couple of minutes before removing the shells.

Once the sweet potato hash browns have cooked, remove from heat and place onto 2 plates.

Use a knife to spread the ripe avocado onto the top of the hash browns.

Add the egg on top and season with rock salt and a little ground black pepper.





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