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The Cheaters Guide To Hydration

6 June, 2017

Did you know…drinking too much water during the day can lead to mineral imbalance and also cause sugar cravings. To avoid this and still keep hydrated in the heat nourish your body with whole foods that have a high water content.

‘Eat Your Water’ – Howard Murad, M.D from The Water Secret

Why your body needs water…

  • Your body replaces all the cells in the skeleton, every 3 months.
  • Your bones are over 22% water.
  • The average heart pumps 48 million gallons of blood in a life time
  • Your blood is over 80% water
  • There are over 600 muscles in the body
  • They are over 70% water
  • Your lungs are 90% water
  • Your brain is over 73% water
  • In total, nearly 60% of an average person’s weight is water

UIH – University for Inclusive Health 

In contrast, too little water leads to your body not performing as it should. Symptoms include; fatigue, hunger, headaches, sugar cravings, lack of concentration, backaches and digestive problems.

23 Hydrating foods you should be adding to your diet:

  1. Romaine Lettuce – water content 95%
  2. Tomatoes – water content 95%
  3. Cucumber – water content 95%
  4. Celery – water content 95%
  5. Watermelon – water content 94%
  6. Bell – water content peppers 92%
  7. Mushrooms – water content 92%
  8. Spinach – water content 91%
  9. Kale – water content 91%
  10. Eggplant – water content 90%
  11. Grapefruit – water content 90%
  12. Strawberries – water content 90%
  13. Broccoli – water content 89%
  14. Carrots – water content 88%
  15. Grass-fed yogurt – water content 88%
  16. Beets – water content 87%
  17. Apples – water content 86%
  18. Blueberries – water content 84%
  19. Kiwi – water content 83%
  20. Sweet potato – water content 76%
  21. Quinoa – water content 72%
  22. Lentils – water content 70%
  23. Chickpeas – water content 60%

3 hydrating recipes to help you get started:

Fruit Pizza


Lettuce Boats


Super Hydrating Smoothie

When it comes to our diet and lifestyle, staying hydrated is essential. The body is made up of 63% water, 22% protein, 13% fat and 2% vitamins and minerals. Your body loses 1.5 litres of water a day through it’s skin, lungs, gut and via the kidneys to flush out toxins. Many people do not like the taste of water. By using whole foods you can naturally increase your water intake in a tasty and satisfying way.

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