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What to when you want to live with more purpose and meaning (but can’t quit your day job)

10 August, 2021

We often go through life with the assumption that things have to stay the way they are. We have to suck it up and be lucky for what we have – it could always be worse right?

We each individually create a fixed mindset towards parts of our lives based on our experiences. These experiences can be from childhood, the environment we grew up in, to events we’ve been through, good and bad.
Based on these experiences, we tell ourselves stories in all aspects of our lives:

I’ll never be… chosen for promotion
I’ll never be able… to run a marathon
I’ll never get… out of debt
I never have… the time
I’m not smart enough… to run my own business

I’ll never be… happy, live with purpose or find meaning.

Ultimately accepting that things will always be this way creates a fixed reality and stories that will hold you back throughout your life. We stop the internal belief or mindset that ‘I can’t ever do it.’

Your beliefs, assumptions, and past experiences will and can limit your view on what you can do in your life.

The first step is to let go of what you know, be open to what you don’t know, and cultivate a mindset of curiosity and possibility.

Possibility: standing in curiosity, sensing, and creating the future.

How do you define the word possibility?
What does possibility look like in your life?

Are you willing to unlearn what you know and be open to learning a new way to do things? This beginner mindset approach will open the door to more opportunities and insights into what is possible for you.

Feeling stuck, demotivated, lost, and frustrated because you know you want more for your life but not doing anything about it is a fixed mindset in action.

A fixed reality is when you are aware of the state of things as they are now but of the inability to change or shift this reality.

To expand your curiosity, let’s delve deeper.

The second step is to find out where you hold fixed reality to help answer these questions:

Where do I feel stuck?
Where do I know something needs to change? But I don’t know how to approach it? Or I’ve approached it hasn’t helped me, or I haven’t experienced change?
What are the beliefs I’ve created that are limiting my future possibilities?

Once you know where you are holding yourself back with a fixed reality, the third step is to step into curiosity and be open to what is possible.

Set a 2-minute timer and finish the sentence below as many times as possible (aim for ten or more!)

Unicorn brainstorm:

Wouldn’t it be cool if…
Wouldn’t it be cool if…
Wouldn’t it be cool if…
Wouldn’t it be cool if…
Wouldn’t it be cool if…
Wouldn’t it be cool if…
Wouldn’t it be cool if…
Wouldn’t it be cool if…
Wouldn’t it be cool if…
Wouldn’t it be cool if…

Nothing is off-limits, do not say no, or hold back because you don’t know how; write down what comes up. It will surprise you.

The fourth step is to pick out the ideas you want to create action around – this is where you’re going to make a change – this action will help you remove a fixed reality and find out what is possible for you in your life.

The final step is to keep aligning your values with your thoughts and actions, find ways you can develop a sense of purpose and meaning in your life in ways that inspire and motivate you and those around you.

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