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What You Need To Do So Manifesting Works

2 June, 2020

We’re always manifesting.
Each thought you have informs your energy, and your energy manifest into your experiences. Your thoughts and energy create your reality.
Manifesting is an emotional connection to what you want in your life. For me, having this type of connection to my vision and goals has made everything feel so much more possible to achieve, now I’ve learnt what I need to do I fully trust the process. 
This is a practice and you do need to allow yourself time to dream and stretch your imagination and allow it to work.
Before you drift into your daydream… read the 8 principles of manifesting to help you really connect with the process:

Principle 1: Be clear on YOUR vision

You need to know exactly the direction you wish your life to go, there’s no way around this one. It’s like when you decide to become a runner without a running goal or training plan – you run but you don’t necessary feel like a runner or it’s actually getting you anywhere. Once you have a clear vision of what you want to gain from running, such as your first 5k race or perhaps running the mountain trails, you know what direction – which path – to take to get there, you may not know all the steps BUT you do start to take more actions inline with your running vision. It works exactly the same with anything in your life. Once you have a direction, your mind will align your actions towards your goal.

Principle 2: Align Your Energy

This will keep you energised towards turning this vision/goal into your reality. I’m going to go for the running example again – If you’re training for your first 5km, you know that you need the energy and motivation to train to get to that finish line. The same works for your vision, you need the right energy so you can manifest it. Your vision needs to move you (emotionally connect with it) each time you think about it, whether you feel excited, joyful, confident, lighter, out of your comfort zone, it’s this emotional connection that will get you where you want to go.
My tip – be bold, focus on your energy on ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome if…’ to help you think big, it will help you to literally energise your vision.
Principle 3: Clear focus & intention
Manifestation is all about intention, have clear intention that your vision will happen, that it will turn into your reality. The effort needed for manifesting is being focused on where you spend your energy (time, money, physical, mental and emotional self…) Intention gives a clear direction to your desires – how to use your energy! Imagine you’ve got the vision to compete in your first marathon, and you’re using your energy on a Netflix series and scrolling on Instagram, there is nothing necessary wrong with doing this, but you will lack this energy you need to support your big vision – to complete a marathon.
Every vision, dream, goal needs energy to manifest into a reality – This is why focus and intention are essential.
Whatever we choose focus on and where our energy is directed, we attract more of in our life.
Principle 4: Align Your Beliefs
You need to believe you can achieve your vision in order to be able to manifest it, in the law of attraction whatever you put out The Universe responds; “so be it”. Therefore if you don’t believe you can have it “so be it”. Uncovering your limiting beliefs is life-changing, use what comes up for you to work on re-writing the stories you tell yourself – put out to the universe.
Another way to help you believe – is to embody the qualities needed to achieve this goal. Think of someone that you admire, perhaps someone who is already doing or has done what you want to do or achieve. Now list down what you admire most about them, what is it they do that inspires you? From that list circle the qualities that resonate most for you – this is what is most likely needed for you to be the person you need to be to achieve your goals.
Principle 5: Acceptance
Adopting a mindset shift that your new belief is true and you CAN have what you dream for your life and then accepting that it’s already yours. This is where it can feel strange to start with if you’re new to this process. Acceptance means shifting your attention from ‘why is can’t/ shouldn’t work out’ to allowing yourself to accepting it will happen. Let go of the need to have it now, trust the process that what you do will get you to where you want to be.
Principle 6: Take aligned action
Align your day-to-day actions with your vision & goals. Back to the running analogy: If you want to be able to run across the mountains in the Alps, you will need to build resilience mentally and physically as part of your training programme, perhaps you will need to save money in order to get there, learn the local language… to live out your intention use your energy today and do what you would be doing if you knew it was certain it was already going to happen. Show The Universe you’re certain that you’ll go by preparing for it to happen.
Principle 7: Let go of the detail.
All of us like to control the things in our life because if we don’t we has a fear that will not happen, and this is why we need to let go of the details – when you’ve let go, you’ll stop obsessing about it happening NOW, overthinking, procrastinating -basically getting in the way of your own way – as these actions and behaviours come from a place of fear and disbelief that it will happen. By letting go of when and how, you show that you believe that it is already yours. This is also going to help you stop time-wasting on doing things you think you ’should be doing’, ‘comparing where you are at to what others are achieving’ and ‘worrying about making the wrong the decision.’
Principle 8: Enjoy the process 
What’s the point in all of this if we can’t enjoy the process! Create daily rituals to help and support you enjoy this process.
  • be proud of your vision, display it, talk about it, share your experiences
  • journal your journey, look back at the progress you have made
  • adopt a growth mindset – the challenges and set-backs are part of the journey to help you get there
  • check-in on your goals and priorities regularly and how aligned you are in working towards them
  • seek support and help from like-minded people
My favourite manifesting tools:
  1. Create your vision board with purpose and meaning
It’s not just a place to stick pretty picture down, it’s space to dig deep and gain clarity on what it is you want your life to look like –
Consider: what do you want to experience? Feel? Who do you want to be? What impact do you want to make on the world? How does life look living in line with your values and beliefs? What does living the healthiest and happiest version of you look like?
Choose images that resonate, quotes, key phrases or words.
Display it up on your wall where you can look at it everyday.
  1. Create Your Dream Jar
Write everything you want to achieve on little pieces of paper and then fold them all up and put them into a jar – this is your dream jar. Pick a piece of paper out of your jar everyday. Do it when it works best for you – set a timer on your phone for 2 mins, close your eyes and immerse yourself in experiencing achieving the goal written on the piece of paper by vividly visualising it happening.
  1. Create your own affirmations (or find ones to get you started)
I’m a big believer that our thoughts create our reality. What you think about you bring about.
Affirmations can be a powerful tool to help you change your mood, state of mind, and manifest the change you desire in your life.
Benefits of using affirmations:
  • They help increase your awareness of your thoughts. This makes it easier to recognize the negative and self-doubt thought patterns holding you back.
  • Affirmations define your focus. When you focus your energy on the things you want: achieving your goals, the positive, uplifting and good you are creating an abundance mindset and strengthening your resolve to make it happen.
  • They open you up to possibility. Too often we get stuck in the ‘fixed reality’ mindset, but affirmations flip this on it’s head. When we begin to positively affirm what is possible for us and a whole world of opportunity opens up.

Feel free to use these to get you started!

  1. I am worthy of manifesting my biggest desires.
  2. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.
  3. Something wonderful is about to happen to me.
  4. I allow love to fill me up and guide me in all of my actions.
  5. Everything is alway working out for me.
  6. I always choose happiness.
  7. My mind is free of resistance and open to the possibilities.
  8. I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself.

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